Yulia Tsvetkova goes on hunger strike to demand public trial


Yulia Tsvetkova on an iPad on July 16, 2020. Ulf Mauder / photo alliance via Getty Images

In mid-April, it was reported that Yulia Tsvetkova, a Russian feminist artist, was on trial over charges that she distributed pornography. Tsvetkova, who faces up to six years in prison, reportedly posted vagina designs on the social media site VKontakte; the artist was also sentenced to two fines for gay broadcast “Propaganda.” Tsvetkova had already been detained for a year and a half before the April hearing that took place, and now the artist has apparently started a hunger strike to defend. Tsvetkova goes on strike to protest the conduct of her trial and demand that her trial be made public.

“I realized that I could no longer sit still and watch the shame happening in the country and how my life is going off the rails,” Tsvetkova wrote in a Facebook post. “Would you like to judge me?” Please please. But do it openly. I demand to open my process to the public… I demand that I can defend myself by all legal means and allow a public defender to participate in the process. “

Memorial and Amnesty International organizations have officially placed Tsvetkova on a list of people facing political prosecution, and the artist’s mother vehemently denied that her daughter would distribute pornography. In the past, the artist has also been fined for directing a group online on the LGBT theme and for drawing a picture in support of LGBT families. In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin formally banned same-sex marriage in Russia, and the country has vehemently cracked down on LGBT rights for years.

“They also say about hunger strikes that they should only be declared if you are prepared to go through with it,” Tsvetkova continued. in his message. “And here’s the big question, am I ready to die?” I do not know. But I know very well that I am not ready to live as I am now, in cowardice and wickedness.

Artist Yulia Tsvetkova, accused of distributing pornography, goes on hunger strike


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