You’re A Dead Guy If You Didn’t Watch These 10 Animated Movies Growing Up

You watch animated movies and forget about them because as kids you probably didn’t know how good they were. Some anime movies change your life after watching them and are so enjoyable that you could watch them ten more times and they would be as good as the first time. Here are 10 of the best animated movies you watched growing up but probably forgot about.

1. Atlantis

Atlantis had no reason to be as good as he was. Was it the story of another white man falling in love with a black woman and nearly ruining her life? Yes, but Milo was cute, so no wahala. Also, Kida‌ had nothing to do as an animated character, but am I complaining? Obviously not.

2. Sinbad

I’ve never seen a cartoon character make as many bad choices as Sinbad. This man lied to his best friend, fell in love with his best friend’s fiancée, made a deal with the devil (ahn ahn!). At least we got to see Eris being the hottest thing since sliced ​​bread. I too would have let her ruin my life.

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3. Treasure Planet

Nigerian parents probably watched this one because it gave off if-he-had-just-listened-to-his-mum vibes at the start. treasure planet made me wonder if people were good or bad because Silver tried to ruin Jim’s life and steal his treasure, especially after the poor guy started trusting him. But when it mattered most, he sacrificed himself and saved Jim’s life. If you look hentai now you can probably go back to see Captain Amelia for the first time.

4. Anastasia

I always felt like this movie was some kind of fever dream because it was just too good. the Once upon a time in December the song takes you on a journey, and while the animation style was certainly…interesting, the storyline gave everything it was supposed to give.


Was this movie even for kids? Why did our parents let us watch it? If the producers were trying to make us anti-war, they did a pretty fantastic job. This has steampunk vibes, but I recently discovered that the animation style used was punk stitch. Anyway, these rag dolls have been through a lot, and what for? To traumatize children?

6. Brother Bear

Every time I think of Brother Bear, it brings tears to my eyes. It also makes me feel like I could hug a bear and not die, which probably isn’t true. (Fun fact: I bet you didn’t know that Joaquin Phoenix was Kenai’s voice actor). Sure, he did an amazing job making us fall in love with a bear, but what are you waiting for?

7. The Road to El Dorado

The film’s score was a masterpiece, and if you can’t remember at least one song, that means you were watching the back of the TV. Why do so many animated children’s shows have so many hot women? Sure, the script was great and Tulio and Miguel had great chemistry, but I lived for every scene with Chel. The road to El Dorado It was the second time I saw a babalawo in an animated film. The first was the monkey in Lion King and the second was Tezekel Kan. Werey man.

8. House of Monsters

How was this marketed to children? It was so scary then, but now it’s a joke because why would a house come after you? Just walk in a river or set it on fire. Or turn around and say, “Kal-El no!”.

9. Meet the Robinsons

It was one of those rare Disney movies that understood the task and asked for an extra sheet. It made me want to grow up and have a family and live a great life with interesting family members and a wife who trains frogs. It made sense that we all ended up feeling bad for the bad guy because the man truly deserved better. Too, goob gave Doofenshmirtz vibration.

10. Astro Boy

This movie had an all-star cast, so of course the voice acting was spot on. That’s probably where most people’s interest in Japanese animation comes from, because even though it came out over a decade ago, it looks like something that could have been animated in 2021. Charlize Theron told the story, and it struck me that I wanted her to tell the story of my life, but for free. Tell him to call me.

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