Yoseline Hoffman: The transformation of Mexican influencer “YosStop”: feminist videos in exchange for freedom | United States

Yoseline Hoffman, a Mexican social media influencer better known as YosStop who has several million YouTube subscribers, posted her first video on the feminist struggle on Tuesday after spending five months in jail for publicizing the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in 2018, whom the influencer described as “a slut” and “a prostitute” who deserved what she got.

A judge released Hoffman on November 30 after reclassifying his crime of discrimination rather than child pornography. As part of a deal with victim Ainara Suárez, Hoffman is to pay damages, issue a public apology, and post a video each month sharing what she’s learned from her classes on feminism and the gender perspective.

In her first video, titled “History of Discrimination Against Women,” Hoffman, 30, explains that there is still a lot of work to be done before women get the same rights as men. “These are rights that we had to win little by little through the struggle, rights that have never been denied to men for the simple fact of being men, and this fight against this balance continues, the problem is not yet resolved, ”she said. said.

In just over eight minutes, Hoffman reviews the major milestones of the feminist movement, though she never calls it that, instead using the phrases “tackling discrimination against women” or “empowering women.”

Sitting on a sofa at home surrounded by her dogs, the social media influencer discusses gender inequalities since pre-Hispanic times, ending with recent advances in reproductive rights. “This history lesson is just a small glimpse of a deep problem that is still there, a problem that is still experienced by many women in our country, in other countries and around the world”, she adds.

The video is part of a reparations program imposed by Mexico City prosecutors. Hoffman also issued a public apology on December 3. “I offer my sincere apologies, Ainara. To my followers, I say: ‘Plugs, I messed up; I was seriously wrong, I injured and attacked Ainara without any rights, ”she posted on the same YouTube channel where, months earlier, she had insulted Suárez.

As part of the deal, over the next three years, Hoffman is expected to attend a monthly one-hour session to learn more about discrimination against women and gender-based violence. In addition to posting videos on what she learned, she must also donate 5% of her monthly earnings to feminist groups.

Hoffman was arrested in June for child pornography for having received, stored, reproduced and made public a video illustrating the rape of a minor. She was held for five months in pre-trial detention at the Santa Martha Acatitla Penitentiary. As a result of the agreement with Suárez’s lawyers, the crime was reclassified as discrimination, which does not carry a prison sentence, and Hoffman was released.

Suárez’s nightmare dates back to May 25, 2018. In an interview with EL PAÍS shortly after the complaint was filed, the young woman recounted that four men had inserted a bottle of champagne into her vagina during a party that evening- the. They recorded their actions and sent the video to their friends and posted it on social media. The case became even more controversial when YosStop discussed the recording and insulted the victim during a video released to his millions of followers. The scene of a naked minor assaulted by several men quickly circulated via pornographic sites.

From that moment on, a harassment campaign was launched against the victim. Speaking to friends and via social media, the men involved in the video claimed that Suárez agreed to participate in the sex act in exchange for cigarettes. Suárez said she had to face death threats, insults and taunts, which she included in her complaint. She was also beaten once by a group of young women in a park in the south of the city. Dozens of people filmed the assault and the footage went viral.

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