Why Senator Josh Hawley’s Comments on Men and Video Games Are Wrong

Well, what do politicians blame for video games so far? Not violence, surprisingly, but rather being a coping mechanism for men who have issues with their… questioned manhood?

At least that’s what Conservative Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) said at the National Conservaism Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Her comments attempt to link the rise of feminism and the men who are said to be “the problem” in a retreat from porn and video games. Here’s the video and its full quote below:

“How can we be surprised, that after years of being told that they are the problem, that their manhood is the problem, more and more men are retreating into the enclave of idleness and pornography and video games. I found a comment from a youngster to a Wall Street Journal reporter particularly evocative, and particularly heartbreaking. He said ‘I’m sort of waiting for a light to come on, so I can figure out what to do next.’ “

Well, I won’t comment on pornography, which has been a common interest, say, since the dawn of human sexuality. But video games?

Let’s go over a few points:

  • During the pandemic, video games were often the only point of meaningful social connection for many groups, men, women and children, given the lockdowns in place.
  • Hawley sticks to a very archaic idea that video games are a “guy thing” when the industry is now between 45 and 52% female, depending on the studies you are referring to.
  • Video games are cited as ‘idleness’ and a coping mechanism, while, for example, streaming TV shows or movies for an equal number of hours per day is not cited. like a great evil. However, he cited them as too often describing “toxic masculinity” as a problem.
  • Somehow it all has to do with feminism and men feeling bad that “their manhood is the problem.” Nothing to do with video games being a popular and enjoyable leisure activity, or a welcome alternative to the terrible jobs that men might be forced to take due to issues of inequality and upward mobility within our community. company. No, nothing like that. They are sad to be… men, I guess.

It is absolutely true that there are big issues in our society with men from a mental health perspective as they face loneliness and depression in worrying numbers. But attempting to link this to the fault of liberal feminism and the lassoing in video games as a poisoned coping mechanism alongside pornography is bizarre and looks like a 1996 politician buzzword book. Both sides of the aisle have unduly blasted video games for one thing or another in the past (generally trying to tie them to real-world violence), but claiming they are a misused shield against feminist ideals? It’s new, even for me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get my manhood back by cutting down another 500 trees in the New World.

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