Why accepting the transgender child will pave the way for pedophilia

The past few years can be seen as a testament to the remarkable strategic power that the woke left wields. The speed with which nonsensical ideas have been thrust into the spotlight by invested media and a wide range of well-funded academics and nonprofits is both surprising and impressive.

Not so long ago, it would have been unimaginable for a seven-year-old boy’s innocent preference for Polly Pockets over Power Rangers to find its tragic end in puberty blockers, chemical castration and 15 minutes of fame. on the Snapchat explore page.

Calling this abuse does not sum up the full extent of the damage. It is a culturally-enhanced and politically instigated mass grooming campaign with a disturbing story. Worse, all of this could be overshadowed by a much bleaker future if this continued unabated.

The push for childhood transgenderism is based on a perverse and highly individualistic sense, in particular that the rights of children as individuals entail an autonomous capacity to make irreversible decisions about their health, rather than requiring the protection of parents and a culture that repels everything that endangers the most vulnerable.

The dangerous claim that children can meaningfully consent to puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy or genital mutilation is, in addition to being deeply damaging, it also leads our society down a sinister path towards acceptance of pedophilia. Here’s how.

A Legacy of Abuse

Unfortunately, this is not alarmist speculation. Pedophile child abuse has deep roots in the transgender movement. John Money, a sex researcher who pioneered the acceptance of childhood transgenderism, sexually abused his young patients and championed pedophilia.

Money is infamous for the series of experiments he conducted on David Reimer, the first child born with normal development but who underwent sex reassignment surgery. After Reimer’s botched circumcision, Money saw an opportunity to test his leftist gender theories.

He convinced Reimer’s parents to raise their son as a girl and have him undergo sex reassignment surgery. Reimer and his twin were then studied and abused by Money, who, according to a peer-reviewed biology encyclopedia from Arizona State University, forced them to ‘perform intercourse-like behavior’ while he watched. and took pictures.

Despite this, Money failed to get Reimer to adopt a feminine identity. Reimer, who was unaware that he was born male until age 14, frequently behaved in a masculine manner and resisted Money’s attempts to feminize him.

According to Reason magazine editor Jesse Walker, Money “presented himself as an advocate for sexual liberation: for the rights of gay men and other sexual minorities, for legalized pornography, for breaking social taboos.” When his abuse of the twins came to light, he insulted his critics by calling them “anti-feminist” fanatics beholden to traditional gender roles.

Reimer’s life ultimately ended in the same tragic way that still disproportionately claims the lives of so many transgender people when he took his own life at the age of 38. As if that wasn’t grim enough, Reimer’s case has been used to justify thousands more sex reassignment surgeries. on children born with genital anomalies.

Transsexual Pioneer also supports pedophilia

Money has also used his stature as a prominent academic to champion pedophilia. The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) pedophile organization even references a quote from an interview with Money that explicitly endorses pedophilia in an attempt to normalize their pathology.

None of these revelations have stopped scholars from lauding this moral behemoth as a founding father of the transgender movement. Terry Goldie, the author of a biography on Money, explained that Money “did not seek biological evidence of transgender identity, but accepted a patient’s conviction as fact.”

Anke A. Ehrhardt, research partner and disciple of Money, also noted his role in the transgender movement, calling him a “pioneer”, crediting him with introducing terms such as “gender identity” and “sexual orientation”, and emphasizing its role in our culture’s departure from a biological understanding of sex.

Erhrardt, who was directly involved in the Reimer case, still has a foothold in academia and is now director of the Division of Gender, Sexuality, and Health, and the LGBT Health Studies Program. , a project of Columbia University. The abuser is also honored with the John Money Fellowship for Sexology Scholars at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, which specifically seeks those “whose research interests relate to history, politics, and methodology.” sexology and sexuality studies”.

The institute is named after Alfred Kinsey, another leftist gender researcher revered by NAMBLA. Kinsey, who has worked alongside transgender activists to normalize gender dysphoria, has also embraced the concept of gender fluidity through experiences featuring the systematic sexual abuse of children and even babies from an early age. two months, according to his own books. Kinsey strongly influenced both Money and Harry Benjamin, the latter being dubbed the “father of transsexualism”.

Make no mistake, the transgender movement is built on a pseudo-academic legacy that is replete with the most egregious crimes against children.

The threat of a realized legacy

It is not difficult to identify the same trend in modern incarnations of transgenderism and adjacent movements. Here I have highlighted numerous attempts by various entities to normalize pedophilia, the most relevant being a New York Times article that referred to the serial rape of a 13-year-old homeless victim of transgender groomers as selling of sex.

As children are drawn into the transgender world, they become open to a number of abuses beyond cross-gender treatment. One study found that children with recent onset of gender dysphoria (62.5% of whom had previously been diagnosed with “at least one mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental disorder”) began to isolate themselves from their family and being suspicious of those who were not trans, both lead to further isolation.

To make matters worse, transgender personalities told children that “it’s okay to walk away from…unsupportive parents” and swap them for a “sparkling family, your queer family”, before d invite these children to call him or Skype. And anyway, what do “solidarity” families look like? How many “supportive” families have encouraged their kids to go trans in exchange for fleeting social media dopamine hits?

Grooming has been institutionalized in American schools, with campus organizations like the Gay-Straight Alliance seeking to “train young leaders” by finding financial favors from Soro’s Open Society Foundation, Ford Foundation, Weingart Foundation, Vans, the California Endowment, and various other elite organizations.

The Federalist reported that America’s second-largest school district, which is associated with the GSA, hosted LGBT club meetings for 4-year-olds and hosted a nurse who discussed “medical transition.” The district declined to answer whether parents were required to accompany the children to these meetings.

These financial efforts are capitalized on by teachers who have used the club to prepare children to become transgender under the noses of unsuspecting parents who are then lambasted for not being “supportive”.

These people are not joking. You shouldn’t either

Yes, they pick up your children. It’s a feature, not a bug. Transgender history proves it. You shouldn’t expect them to stop unless you make them through protecting your children, coordinated activism, and community involvement.

If you don’t, it probably won’t be long before it’s argued that children who can allegedly consent to sex surgeries should also be able to consent to sex. If such a hellish future seems unimaginable, consider that any number of outgrowths of sexual progressivism would have been out of place just a decade ago.

Alternatively, turn your attention to a 1977 open letter in France from 69 people who defended three pedophiles and argued for the age of consent to be lowered below 15. He also argued that 13-year-old girls, due to taking birth control pills, should have the legal right to consent to sex. One of the signatories was critical theorist Michel Foucault, who would later have a huge impact on the field of queer theory that now dominates American society.

Child grooming is already commonplace within the transgender movement as it has been since its inception, and attempts to normalize pedophilia have already reached the mainstream.

We cannot accept half measures in defense of children

If there was ever a time when the right needed moral courage and a healthy dose of stubbornness, this is it. You can defeat him, but not alone.

This movement is supported by a range of NGOs, elite interests and money pallets. It is essential that you find like-minded people in your church and community and that you use all legal and ethical means to collectively reject the dangerous madness that is being imposed on your children.

Despite all the risks involved, you can be sure that cowardice costs more, both to your children and to your psyche. But here’s a reason to rejoice: this moment is just waiting to be experienced by those who have the courage to do so.

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