Who is Shadman? YouTuber known for vulgar art arrested for assault with lethal weapon

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Shadman, YouTuber and Swiss artist infamous for his pornographic art and webcomics, has reportedly been arrested for assaulting someone with a deadly weapon. Shaddai Prejean, 31, is better known as Shadman or Shadbase in the online community. He is known for his artwork on loli and other characters such as Elastigirl.

In 2009, Shadman created his website, the Shädbase and Newgrounds account and he created his YouTube account in 2010. He has started becoming a cult and meeting friends online since launching his online career. He is relevant in internet culture even after becoming a controversial figure due to his art. Shadman isn’t the only YouTuber making the news for the wrong reasons. In July of this year, Yoseline Hoffman, a YouTuber who shamed a minor rape victim, was arrested for child pornography. In 2019, Shadman said he decided to stop drawing loli and porn art due to the drama he must have been involved in. However, that might not really be a thing of the past, as in a recent post, one Twitter user revealed. “Shadman was arrested in LA for assault with a deadly weapon. Good riddance.” The user also shared documents of his arrest.


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Several people on social media have claimed that Shadman deserves to be put behind bars. “Ladies and gentlemen, they got him. I’m surprised he was arrested for assault with a weapon and not for being a pedo,” wrote one user. “FINALLY THE WORLD IS SR,” wrote another.

“Damn this goombah kept his edgy 4 personality too long and it finally got to him. Noob became the property of FR FR. I should have used the genie lamp,” one user said, while a other wrote: “I mean he should have been arrested already for cp but I’m glad he was locked up anyway.”

Who is Shadman?

Very little information about Shadman’s personal life is available on the internet, but the Sleeping cabin podcast claims he originally resided in Zurich, Switzerland, and attended art school. He only attended school until they discovered that the work available in his portfolio was “highly illegal”. He was subsequently expelled. Shadman went on to do freelance art before starting his own website in 2019. He was reportedly labeled a “threat to society” in Switzerland and then moved to the United States.

Shadman’s videos consist mostly of drawings of fictional pop culture characters. He quit uploading videos in 2018, stating that he would stop drawing vulgar art. Shadman has often been criticized for his politically incorrect art. For example, when English animator Edd Gould passed away, Shadman drew an art of Edd raped by the Grim Reaper. He was defended by some of his friends, who said his art was intentionally offensive.

Shadman is infamous for his art of underage girls called “lolis”, which some have said to be fictional. But he is also known for his pornographic art drawings of real minors. He also did 34 arts from his own mother. Although Shadman claimed he regretted making this art, he continued to post similar content.

Someone on Tumblr asked Shadman to make art into Keemstar’s 7-year-old daughter giving Trump a blowjob. Shadman reportedly told the user that he would if Trump won the election. Keemstar is an American YouTuber and Online Journalist best known for his DramaAlert channel. When Trump won, Shadman allegedly drew Keemstar’s daughter in a sexualized manner, after which Keemstar threatened to call the police. The drawing was then deleted.

Shadman came under fire after drawing Dafne Keen, who was only 12 at the time. He drew the art of molested and beaten Keen. While some have defended him by saying his work was purposely tasteless, others slammed him and called him a pedophile and ship lord. Shadman later received a cease and desist from Dafne Keen’s lawyers. On the Reddit forums, detectives trying to find his identity revealed that he “never takes pictures of himself with black gear and black masks.”

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