Who is Chris Chan? Everything you need to know about Sonichu Creator!

Christine Weston is 39 and is known as Chris Chan and has been trending online after details of his love quest were revealed on the internet. He gained great notoriety and became a popular Youtuber as he is the creator of the Sonichu web series. He was originally identified as a male, but over the years he discovered his identity as a transgender woman, and since then she’s been trolled for creating a comic book full of controversy and also behavior. inappropriate that she showed.

Who is Chris Chan?

In the year 2000, she released her web series named Sonichu and her vision was to create a character that would have the traits of Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog. In 2007 the comic went completely viral and Encyclopedia Dramatica even continued to mock Chris Chan for the kind of comics she did that ridiculed women, there was a model that was seen in her comics that appeared to be homophobic and that was stated at the time, she is manipulative and is a narcissist.

Chris Chan starts following trends on Twitter after confessing to raping 80-year-old mother

Chris chan

Sonichu creator Chris Chan quits Twitter outraged

During the year 2011, in the month of September, she started claiming that she was a ‘boyish girl’ as she was suffering from gender dysmorphia at the time and it was stated that her parents disapproved of her. identity and in 2016 she became transgender and she also changed her name to Cristine.

Youtuber had an orchiectomy as she changed her gender and became bisexual and recently she has also been part of the controversy as she admitted to sexually assaulting her mother who is 80 years old and this was further stated , her mother also suffers from dementia. Chris Chan’s conversation about having sex with the mother has surfaced online and explicit details have been revealed about the alleged rape.

Chris chan

Chris Chan Sonichu’s comedy police involvement

There has been information on Twitter which indicates that Greene County Police went to visit Chandler’s residence to check on the family after rumors circulated on the internet, as of now his mother is in a health facility. senior care inspection for some check-ups and Chandler has been removed from the premises for the time being.

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