When games don’t stay away from politics

In his defense… well, we have nothing good to say, but he tried to incriminate his own son in his defense if that matters.

It’s a pretty funny story, isn’t it? He is. Well, anyway, now that the weak are gone, we can finally start talking about serious things. Last week, an Italian government zoom meeting was interrupted by Final Fantasy VII… porn.

The unofficial hentai shown depicts a very steamy moment between the characters Cloud and Tifa and was played at a meeting rightly devoted to data transparency in political decision-making. The timing couldn’t have been better either, as it came just as they introduced Giorgio Parisi, winner of last year’s Nobel Prize in Physics, this year’s favorite for the Nobel Prize in Science Management. embarrassment.

Look, chances are someone still reading this is already a fan of Final Fantasyso it is likely that you are ready to put up with a shocking video where a Final Fantasy VII the character gets drilled from behind, but they’re just politicians worried about data usage, they can’t handle it – unless they’re Duncan Hunter.

Top Image: Square Enix

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