What happened to my pledge to donate £ 10million to charity – 2021 update

The (attempt at) logic behind these donations

A “philosophy of giving” seems a little silly to me, but apparently that’s the modern term for deciding what donations you make – and I’m trying to have some logic behind my decisions.

I have always believed that MoneySavingExpert.com, while being for-profit, was basically a public service mission. Its primary profession – which since 2012 has been formalized and protected by our Editorial code – is to provide information to reduce people’s bills and fight.

Yet I have always realized that there are people that a website cannot reach or help. So thanks to the success of MSE, I am fortunate to have substantial charity funds, I want to fill in the gaps that it cannot reach. Many donations attempt to do just that. For example…

– Citizens Advice provides one-on-one help, which a website like MSE cannot.
– MMHPI helps people with mental health issues, which can be detrimental and impact people’s ability to help themselves.
– The Trussell Trust Financial Triage helps many people who are not online or do not have access to crucial information.
– Financial education is there to help prevent future problems.

And the coronavirus fund sprung up, as I sat, well, frankly, crying at my desk, swamped with questions, often from people desperate for an answer – but had no answer. to give. I felt I had to do what I could to change this.

Of course, some of the donations, like those from the John Schofield Trust and Grief Encounter, are more personal, but overall I hope there is some cohesion in my donations.

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