Watch: MANOWAR Plays ‘Secret’ Show in Germany as THE LORDS OF STEEL

MANOUAR played the first of two “secret” warm-up shows on Saturday June 4 at the Jovel Music Hall in Münster, Germany. bassist/leader Joey DeMaio and his bandmates were introduced as STEEL LORDS (performing “the music of MANOUAR“) for the concert, which scored MANOUARfirst live appearance of with a new drummer Dave Chedrickwho has already played with RAVEN and RITUAL KILLamong others.

Chedrick joined MANOUAR in replacement of Anders Johannson who announced on Saturday that he could not join MANOUAR on the group’s next releases “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour ’22/’23” due to “family commitments”.

Anders posted the following statement via social media: “Hello friends. Family obligations require me to stay as close to home in Sweden as possible at the moment. So I will not be able to play on MANOUARthe next tour of.

“The support of MANOUAR, their team and fans have been overwhelming from the start. Everyone involved welcomed me into their hearts without hesitation and I made friends for life.

“Thank you all for the good times.

“Hail and kill!”

In a separate statement, From Maio said: “Anders is a rare combination of intelligence, kindness, humor and talent. It was a pleasure to work with him. He is part of our brotherhood, now and forever! We support his commitment to his family.”

Based in Los Angeles, Chedrick has been addicted to metal all his life. Early influences include John Bonham, neil peart and especially late MANOUAR drummer Scott Columbus. Accomplished studio musician, David is praised for his professionalism, his relaxed spirit and his will to always go further in the quest for the perfect sound.

From Maio said: “DavidDrumming is a combination of speed, power and the spirit of real metal that our fans will appreciate.”

Added Chedrick: “The Manowarriors are legendary. I’m honored to play for the biggest fans in the world!”

Johansson joined MANOUAR over three years ago. The Swedish musician made his live debut with the band in March 2019 in Brno, Czech Republic.

Johansson can be heard on MANOUARit is “The Final Battle I” EP, initially made available in exclusive presale on the merchandising stand of “The Final Battle” world Tour.

MANOUARit is “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour ’22/’23” celebrates the band’s more than four-decade career with a focus on four signings MANOUAR albums and their anniversaries: 40th anniversary of “Battle Hymns”35th anniversary of “Fight the World”30th anniversary of “The Triumph of Steel”20th anniversary of “Warriors of the World”.

last November, MANOUAR announced that he had recorded a song called “Odysseus’ Revenge” for the band’s next studio album. From Maio also traveled to Athens to record a narration with the father-son team Costas and Konstantin Kazakos. Costasacclaimed in Greece for his participation in numerous films and as an accomplished theater actor and writer, and his son Kostantinoswho is also a talented actor, narrated a touching dialogue between Ulysses and his son Telemachus. And to honor the historical sources, they did it in ancient Greek, translated from English by Sakis Tolis from the Greek metal band ROTTEN CHRIST.

Asked in a recent interview with metal hammer The Greek TV show “TV War” if the next MANOUAR will the release be a full album or will it be the originally planned 2019 sequel “The Final Battle I” PE, Joey said, “That’s a really good question. You’re the first person to ask that. And right now, I really don’t know what’s next, because we had the inspiration to write this song, this which I thought might be a very long normal song – like maybe 10 minutes – “Odysseus’ Revenge”. And it just got out of control – it just kept growing and growing. It started with “Maybe it will be just in English”. Then it was, ‘Maybe it will be in Greek.’ And then it became not just Greek – ancient Greek. And then something like famous narrators. And then it became, ‘No, we’re going to take one of the most famous actors, if not the most famous in Greece.’ And then his son will play the role of Telemachus. And it got bigger and bigger and bigger. And now when they got into the studio here in Athens and recorded, it turned out to be so amazing. And now I’m stuck with a big problem – there are so many amazing things these guys have interpreted… So the reality just hearing words gave me the challenge, now how do I match this great performance with music that will be worthy of these beautiful, beautiful performances? So that’s a fucking big deal. So I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio and trying to serve that in the best way possible.”

As metal fans know, 2022 marks the 30th year since the release of “The Triumph of Steel”. With this album, MANOUAR surprised his fans with the track of more than 28 minutes “Achilles, agony and ecstasy in eight parts”inspired by Homerthe ancient Greek poem of “The Iliad”. To celebrate this momentous anniversary and as a “thank you” for the unwavering and passionate support of the Greek Manowarriors, MANOUAR has now assumed “The Odyssey”, Homerthe story of the great hero Ulysses and his long and perilous quest to find his wife and son.

“The Final Battle I” was released in March 2019. At the time of its release, it was announced that Parts II and III of the trilogy would arrive at a later date, inspired by MANOUARthe adventures of on the rest of “The Final Battle”.

Ancient MANOUAR guitarist Karl Logan was arrested in August 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and charged with six counts of third-degree exploitation of a minor. He was jailed after pleading guilty to two counts of child pornography.

A few days later Charlesthe arrest of was made public, MANOUAR released a statement saying he would no longer perform with the band. It has since been replaced by E.Martelwho has already played in MANOUAR tribute band.

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