Voice actors Kaori Ishihara and Moe Toyota contract COVID-19

Japanese talent agency Style Cube revealed last night that two of their talents, voice actors Kaori Ishihara and Moe Toyota, tested positive for COVID-19. The two of them had previously tested negative for the disease despite showing symptoms of the virus, but when retested, they were both confirmed for the novel coronavirus.

Agency picture by Kaori Ishihara

Kaori Ishihara came down with a fever on January 28 and had undergone a PCR test at a medical hunch, although the test at the time came back negative. of Ishihara symptoms persisted during home treatment, with her cough and sore throat continuing, so she was tested again on February 2, which came back positive. She is currently at home under the instructions of her doctor.

Ishihara is best known as the voice of Aladdin in Magias well as Azusa Azuki in HENNEKO – The hentai prince and the stony cat – and Tiese Schtrinen in Sword Art Online Alicization.

Agency picture by Moe Toyota

Agency photo of Moe Toyota

During this time, Moe Toyota had been staying home since January 31 because she had been in close contact with another who had tested positive. During his time at home, Toyota developed a fever and took a PCR test, which was negative. The fever has persisted so long Toyota was retested and came back positive. Toyota is also at home under the instructions of his doctor and under the care of a local health center.

Toyota is best known as the voice of Sapphire Kawashima in Ring! EuphoniumKanon Matsubara in Bang Dream!and Hanako Urawa in the Japanese version of Blue Archives.

Source: StyleCube (1, 2)

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