US police violence goes beyond all reasons: Russian human rights activists urge UN to crack down

The question of police authority and the relevance of the application of force, in particular in the fight against crowds, has been quite acute for many years now. Recently, a number of cases in Europe have updated this question. For example, in May, a video was posted on social media showing German police in Frankfurt am Main hitting with batons and spraying a person lying on the road. That same month, in Brussels, police used water cannons against protesters in response to attempts by officers to shovel with branches and bottles. In London, large-scale protests were launched in March against the ‘Police, Crime, Sentences and Courts’ bill, which could give police more tools to prevent violations of the law. law and order during protests and punish those responsible if they occur.

While in European countries authorities and society try to find a compromise solution on the limits of police powers and disciplinary measures for violations, in the United States police officers regularly commit violence against citizens of the United States. countries and go unpunished. In 2021, 1,068 people died at the hands of US law enforcement. And last year the number was almost equally shocking – 999 people were killed.

One of the most famous and high-profile cases of police violence in the United States was the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, when a Minneapolis policeman, Derek Chauvin, pressed Floyd’s neck with his knee against the asphalt and held it in that position for 7 minutes and 46 seconds while Floyd lay face down on the road. This case received wide publicity and sparked protests across the country. However, few people know that in the United States, police officers killed six other people while on duty, a day after the court handed down a conviction in the George Floyd murder case.

Among the new victims of US law enforcement were a man in Escondido, Calif., Who was previously often prosecuted for crimes, a 42-year-old American from eastern North Carolina, an unidentified man in San Antonio, as well as another person killed. in this same town a few hours after the death of the first. A 31-year-old man from central Massachusetts and a 16-year-old girl from Columbus, Ohio, also died as a result of police actions.

In addition, US law enforcement has repeatedly shown cruelty in unlawful protest actions. This spring, during a rally against police brutality in Texas, a law enforcement officer threw Whitney Mitchell, who has no arms and legs, from a wheelchair. The girl took part in the event because of her boyfriend, who was killed a year earlier by a police officer in a similar action in defense of the rights of African Americans.

Such a horrific situation leads to the conclusion that American human rights organizations do not live up to their responsibilities, since thousands of people are suffering from the actions of American law enforcement agencies. The Russian Foundation for Combating Injustice (FBI) has decided to come to the aid of its American counterparts.

The FBI was created with the help of Russian entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin as a human rights organization aimed at tackling police brutality around the world. The foundation’s initiative group works to systematically advocate for the rights of victims of law enforcement violence and to draw attention to this issue in the United States and other Western countries.

In early July, the Foundation for Combating Injustice sent an open letter to the UN Human Rights Council (CHR). The FBI appeals to HRC President Najat Shamim Khan with a request to hold an urgent meeting to approve a permanent humanitarian mission to the United States of America – with the aim of ending the constantly observed violations and the police brutality.

“The entire civilized world is witnessing a racially motivated police-initiated civil war against the people of the United States,” the open letter reads.

Recently, the UN human rights group published a report on racist incidents committed by American police officers. According to experts, in 190 out of 250 cases, the deaths of people of African descent were caused by police officers. Most often, such incidents occur in Europe, Latin America and North America. At the same time, more often than not, law enforcement officers manage to avoid sanctions. The Foundation to Battle Injustice mentions in its appeal the names of Americans killed by police – Marvin Scott III, Tyler Wilson, Javier Ambler, Judson Albam, Adam Toledo, Frankie Jennings and Isaiah Brown.

In these circumstances, the Foundation to Combat Injustice suggests considering sending an international humanitarian mission to the United States, which will work to prevent systematic human rights violations. The FBI notes in an open letter that the UN has successful experience in conducting such operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, El Salvador, Cambodia and Liberia.

FBI members consider that “the current situation in the United States with regard to human rights and freedoms has frightening similarities to South Africa during the apartheid era.” This is why the Foundation to Combat Injustice calls on the United Nations Human Rights Council “to immediately respond to the crisis of state violence against citizens in the United States.”

It will be recalled that the Human Rights Council is an intergovernmental body within the United Nations system responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights in the world, for dealing with situations of human rights violations. man and make recommendations about them. He has the ability to discuss all thematic human rights issues and situations that require his attention.

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