Underrated adult comedies you need to watch

One of Martin Scorsese’s most underrated tracks, “After Hours” is set in the dead of night in New York City. A man finds himself unwittingly shoveled from one ridiculous scenario to another against this nocturnal domain. It’s a comedy of errors that takes a character and the audience through a wide array of bizarre yet hysterical characters. Several Scorsese films deal with escalating chaos, but rarely have they felt as out of control as the unpredictable madness of “After Hours.”

Of course, most of these other Scorsese movies aren’t goofy comedies. But with “After Hours,” he emulates the classic elements of that genre to perfection, including the enjoyable twists on conventional gender roles and the big swings with weird laughs. All of these are captured by Scorsese’s sublime direction, with his camera work diving straight into all the unique sights New York has to offer. Meanwhile, Joseph Minion’s screenplay is riotous, but it also has some subtle, thoughtful touches, like the way gay residents of New York are portrayed, breaking with 1980s movie standards, as citizens. ordinary, especially compared to the protagonist of “After Hours.”

It’s not as much of a household name as other films by this founding writer, but Martin Scorsese’s “After Hours” is still worth watching, if only to see standout supporting performances like Catherine O’Hara and Teri Garr. .

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