Transgender Brazilian freed after serving sentence for child abuse images

The Brazilian caught with thousands of depraved images of abuse on phones and laptops is free to go, despite the court being told she will be deported after serving her sentence

Our exclusive photos show Bruno Binda De Souza – whose convictions included possessing, producing and distributing horrific child abuse images – walking out of Midlands jail on Wednesday morning.

But instead of a Garda car meeting the 32-year-old at the prison gates to put her on the first plane out of Ireland, Da Souza was picked up by a friend who helped the former sex worker $250 an hour carrying two oversized gym bags from prison.

Sources told the Sunday worldthat the day before the release of the Brazilian, the patient had begged the director of the prison to authorize a hairdresser to enter the prison to have his hair done.

According to sources, the request was bluntly denied and De Souza walked out of prison with her hair in a bun, wearing a voluminous black jacket over a gray tracksuit and fluorescent pink runners.

Confirmed sources at Sunday world that Da Souza’s release to the general public came as no warrant was presented to the prison at any time for an arrest for deportation upon his release.

“It’s not a prison issue,” the source said. “It’s a problem for the Justice Department and the guards.”

De Souza, also known as Bruno Meirelles, had been held in Midlands Prison – a male-only prison – because the gender specified on the sex worker’s incarceration documents was male.

Nevertheless, photos obtained from the website of the escort agency on which Da Souza advertised sex sessions for €250 an hour show how much she had undergone a gender transition.

In March last year, Judge Martin Nolan heard how De Souza claimed he was introduced to child pornography by a client while using crystal meth.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard De Souza was married to an Irishman but left a request to remain in the country lapsed due to her child abuse imagery charges and would be deported at the end of any sentence .

In total, De Souza, formerly of Brabazon Hall, Cork Street, Dublin 8, pleaded guilty to four counts of possession of child pornography on a MacBook and three iPhones, five counts of producing child pornography and one count of distributing child pornography over three dates between December 2017 and July 2020.

The court heard that the production counts referred to text documents in the form of messenger conversations in which children’s sexual activity was discussed between De Souza and other parties.

Illegal images of children were also shared by De Souza via WhatsApp.

Garda Detective Martin Allen told the court that some of the child abuse footage found was “unique” in that gardaí working for the Cyber ​​Crime Division had never encountered them before.

Judge Martin Nolan said the defendant was in possession of thousands of “depraved images of child pornography”.

He noted that the accused engaged in prostitution, and it appears that a client encouraged De Souza to view this material.

He said that after being introduced, De Souza became interested and downloaded significant amounts of material and engaged in text conversations and the exchange of images.

Judge Nolan said De Souza had no previous convictions and cooperated with the Gardaí to hand over the passwords.

He also noted that De Souza got along well in prison and seemed quite capable of reforming.

He further considered the challenges that De Souza had faced in life.

Judge Nolan said he accepted that crystal meth could affect people’s behavior, but said De Souza knew the material was wrong.

He also noted that De Souza offended on three different dates.

“I don’t think she is a bad person, but she has committed serious offenses and the court must punish her for her misconduct,” Judge Nolan said.

He imposed a three-year sentence, retroactive to the time she was taken into custody.

De Souza had been in custody since July 28, 2020 when she met gardaí by appointment at a South Dublin Garda station and was arrested over the sickening images found on her devices.

De Souza had come to the attention of Gardaí assigned to ‘Operation Ketch’ – established to identify those involved in the distribution of child abuse images – after being contacted by the US National Center for Exploited and Missing Children (NCEMC).

NCEMC investigators had established that De Souza was using WhatsApp and Facebook to share the images and videos.

The sex worker’s home in the south city center was later raided on September 29, 2018, and a phone and a MacBook were seized.

A follow-up raid took place on August 19, 2019 after Gardaí was again contacted by the NCEMC and another device was seized.

During an analysis of the devices by the Garda Cyber ​​Crime Bureau, investigators established that they contained thousands of gruesome images and videos.

In total, Gardaí retrieved 41 “category one” images from the MacBook – category one indicating images depicting children engaging in sexual activity.

One phone contained another 2,464 Category 1 images and another contained 752 Category 2 images and videos indicating that the images displayed exposure images of children.

De Souza had been active as a prostitute in Ireland since 2011.

Operating on escort websites under the “nickname” ‘TS Pocahontas’, it is understood that she was earning thousands of euros a week.

On her profile, which has now been deleted, she claimed to have an 8 inch long penis along with an enhanced bust size of 44DD.

Describing herself as bisexual, she said she was “a sexy woman with a big surprise just waiting for you”.

Contacted this week and asked why De Souza had not been deported at the end of the three-year prison sentence, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice declined to explain why this had happened.

“The Department does not comment on individual cases,” a spokesperson replied.

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