These Players Are Blacklisted From ‘Survivor’ Forever

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Participating in “Survivor” for the first time can be a gateway to a lifelong relationship with the popular reality competition. Many players returned for a second and third time. Additionally, several have made their careers competing and speaking on the show. However, not all players are welcome in the franchise. Some players are now blacklisted for good. The game can handle collusion and backstabbing, but some actions are just too much. Some things go from nasty to just plain bad.


Brandon Hantz

Watch Brandon Hantz in Survivor: South Pacific and Survivor: Caramoan it’s like watching a man go mad. He starts at 19 trying to live up to the name of his infamous uncle (Russel Hantz). It ends up having weird streaks of sexism, borderline religious worship, and an almost violent depression. This breakdown in the Caramoan the season is ultimately what gets him out of the show on the spot. He also assures that he will never see the beaches of Survivor again. The producers just can’t take a chance on someone who might try to physically assault another cast member. Thus, it will most likely remain blacklisted forever.

brandon hantz survivor
Brandon Hantz

Dan Spilo

If the events of the #metoo movement of the 2010s didn’t make you wary of Hollywood’s top brass, Dan Spilo is here to reinforce the stereotype. Dan was on one of the more recent seasons, Survivor: Idol Island. He was a good player who actually had a good chance of going all the way and winning the whole game. Unfortunately, many believe he is a creep who has sexually harassed several cast and crew members. He was eventually pulled from the off-screen season.

His removal became a huge controversy as fans wondered why he hadn’t been removed sooner. Fellow castaway Kellee Kim has repeatedly spoken out about Spilo’s inappropriate conduct. It seems she only received soothing words at first until there were too many people talking to ignore her any longer. He was obviously blacklisted and will never come back.

dan spilo survivor idol island
Dan Spilo

Michael Skupin

Michael Skupin was a popular player for both Survivor: Australian Outback and Survivor: Philippines. He even has his name written in the halls of Survivor history as the first player to have a medical evacuation in Season 2. He was a good player who had amassed a decent following among viewers who appreciated his attitude and ability to maneuver in the game.

Outside of the game, however, he’s a much darker person. In 2016, Skupin was arrested on six counts of possession of child pornography. He’s been in prison for just over a year and has been on parole since December 2017. Of all the horrible things some players have done over the years, it’s hard to imagine anyone more twisted and diabolical than someone who consumes this type of media. Needless to say, Skupin will never return to the show.

michael skupin survivor
Michael Skupin

Sometimes throwing monsters is unavoidable. Survivor is a show that works on a variety of people. In the case of someone like Michael Skupin, there was no way to see how dark he really was on the inside. But in the case of Brandon Hantz and Dan Spilo, there are lessons. Hopefully the cast will heed these lessons and keep violent outbursts and sexual harassment away from beaches in the future.

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