These are the most awesome long sleeve t-shirts you need this winter

Graphic t-shirts and hoodies are the bread and butter of streetwear. These are the optimal means for wearable expression, and you can’t find a lower barrier of entry if you’re looking to create your own clothes. Right now, however, we’re in that kind of interpolated time – and there’s no better tween than the long sleeve tee.

Over the past five years, streetwear has had a real celebration with the increase in surface area coming from long sleeves. And even if the sleeve graphics territory is likely to play out, some brands still do justice to delay our declaration of the end of the trend.

Whether you want to show your love for the graphics on your chest, arms, or back when the temperatures start to drop, we’ve rounded up our favorite long sleeve tees you can shop right now.

T-shirt “Recycle yourself” from ceramics online ($ 60)

Ceramics Online

Today’s leading provider of Grateful Dead bootleg-inspired graphics releases a collection of spooky t-shirts every October, but this biodegradable funeral PSA is an evergreen display of morbidity.

Only the NY Jigs L / S T-shirt ($ 60)

Only NY

Fishing has become surprisingly trendy as the fashion world has fallen in love with all things the outdoors. And even if you’ve never cast a reel, it’s hard not to be drawn to the visual spectacle of the lures.

Long Sleeve Brain Dead Heatwave ($ 64)

Brain death

Brain Dead continues to be one of our favorite streetwear brands today with its penchant for heady graphics. Even the verse printed on the cover is a journey, and you can spend an inordinate amount of time looking at it in an attempt to decipher it.

ML Noah Duck T-shirt ($ 52)


Ducks, what majestic creatures. But even though we are in love with the embroidered bird, what really attracts us is the absurdity of a repeated “Duck” text on the sleeve.

SCRT Jean-Michel Long sleeve t-shirt (~ $ 40)


SCRT is a small British brand with a love for pop culture and one of the few parties not to butcher Basquiat when his art and his likeness are everywhere.

Parra Joy Inside Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($ 75)


When you have the opportunity to remind strangers of the fleeting nature of happiness, you just have to take it.

Angel Girl Hook-Ups Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($ 42)


’90s skateboarders will remember Hook-Ups as the brand that used hentai for some of culture’s most shocking images. Fast forward to today and her outfit is definitely in tune with e-girls borrowing heavily from the offshoot of adult anime from Japan.

Stüssy Positive Vibration Pigment Dyed LS ($ 55)


Come for the message of positivity but stay for the unique bleeding that comes from dyeing the pigments.

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