The pride movement has nothing to be proud of

No one can accuse Pride Month promoters of subtlety. When you do a Google search for it, your screen explodes in confetti and rainbow flags. There are pride parades in almost every major city in the country. Major brands honor the LGBTQI+ community with special rainbow-style promotions as long as it can be difficult at not to buy something celebrating pride. Libraries, baseball teams, celebritiesand public schools everyone joins the party.

But are there really so many reasons to be proud?

Health authorities assess that the recent spread of monkeypox can be traced to a May Pride event in the Canary Islands which attracted 80,000 people, as well as a gay sauna in Madrid. Three cases in Belgium were also related at a big “fetish festival” in Antwerp, according to the organizers of the event. According to the CDC“It’s unclear how people were exposed to monkeypox, but early data suggests that gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men account for a high number of cases.”

The Associated Press cited a senior adviser to the World Health Organization who “described the unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in developed countries as ‘a random event’ that appears to have been caused by sexual activity at two recent raves in Europe”. Most known cases in Europe involve men who have sex with men. CNBC noted that “monkey pox appears to be spreading throughout the [gay and bisexual] global community. Same Atlantic published an article with the provocative headline: “Gay Men Need Specific Warning About Monkeypox”.

This is not exactly the kind of message that corresponds to the friendly and family, suitable for children story from the promoters of Pride. Unlike the early days of the radical avant-garde movement, who “wanted to break through the bourgeois prisons of monogamy, capitalist enterprise and patriotic values ​​and bask in the warm sun of free bohemian love”, pride is now supposed to be associated with bourgeois family values. As Rod Dreher observes, “That’s the dark side of this culture of ‘freedom’ that we’ve created. Monkeypox, anarchy and human destruction. If you don’t think that the legitimization of child sexual exploitation will not come next, you are living a fairy tale.

Speaking of which, that’s exactly what attempts to normalize the trans movement are doing.. The now ubiquitous Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) gives trans people the opportunity to perform borderline pornographic acts in front of young children. DQSH own website explicitly says that its goal is to “capture the imagination and play of childhood gender fluidity and give children glamorous, positive and unapologetically queer role models”. As I noted in a article on The Federalistthese events often involve encouraging young children to “play” with drag queens and their bodies.

Incidents across the country confirm the link between DQSH and sexual grooming. Examples we know of include the former president of an organization that sponsored the Milwaukee Drag Queen story time that was loaded with possession of child pornography depicting the sexual abuse of underage boys and the Houston Public Library admit a registered sex offender to read to children at a DQSH event. But it’s not only DQSH: Pride parade participants, liberal corporate media, liberal academicsand even schools all sought to normalize pedophilia.

Add to this the aggressive media and school campaigns encourage children to explore alternative gender identities, while hide these programs from parents. The percentage of young Americans who identify as transgender is twenty times higher than that of the baby boomer generation. The number of school-aged children who report having gender dysphoria has significantly increased just in the last decade. As Abigail Shrier documents in her must-read book Irreversible damagea whole generation of young American women are misled by educators and other school officials to pursue hormone therapy and/or sex reassignment surgery which have devastating lifelong consequences.

Yet our establishment elites are actively trying to silence voices like Shrier. His book has been removed by booksellers for its “dangerous” content. Book by Center for Ethics and Public Policy President Ryan T. Anderson When Harry became Sally has been delisted from Amazonwho will not sell books framing all LGBTQ+ identities as mental illnesses. Many liberals have tried to cancel and silence author JK Rowling because of her comments regarding transgender.

Left-dominated academia has also shown intolerance of any concerns or criticism of LGBTQI+ ideology.. A group of LGBTQI+ students at the University of London a few years ago suggested send “fanatics” into the gulags. Brown University distanced itself from a then assistant professor at their school of public health, whose research looked at the role of social factors in the rise of gender dysphoria, following a backlash. When research by University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus showed that children of gay parents fared worse than children raised by married parents of the opposite sex, UT Austin initiated “an investigation to determine whether a formal investigation is necessary.” (The university found no plausible grounds for investigation and closed the investigation.)

Indeed, the LGBTQI+ community and its supporters in all elite institutions – the media, academia, the entertainment industry, woke capitalists, federal agencies – have created an intellectual climate fundamentally hostile to freedom of expression. expression and investigation. Research and literature, however nuanced, that challenge these sexual dogmas are immediately and ruthlessly accused of undermining the “progressof the sexual revolution. For a movement claiming to support diversity and inclusion, the dossier suggests otherwise.

And it is not only freedom of expression that is threatened. As Ryan Anderson explained last year, the Equality Act, if passed, would allow the federal government to use the Civil Rights Act as a sword against “any establishment that provides any good, service, or program,” including religious institutions and medical professionals, who refuse to cooperate with the latest dictates of sexual orientation and gender identity. And let’s not forget that in 2019, Democrat Beto O’Rourke, currently running for governor of Texas, threatens remove the tax-exempt status of any religious institution opposed to same-sex marriage.

Self-destructive hedonism, child sexual conditioning, and intolerance that seeks to coerce opponents into submission. These are the kinds of things that define the LGBTQI+ movement. This leads to the question: what can we be proud of?

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