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Guess the Democrats have found their midterm distraction. Abortion. Where is it? The Democrats have largely overplayed their hand. Inflation is out of control and now interest rates are going to destroy the real estate market. A recession is approaching and the Democrats are only worried about being re-elected.

Karen Rivera

Unfortunately, our Supreme Court is under attack, not just from without, but from within. Obviously, a clerk leaked a draft of an upcoming decision. The intention was political. The backer was almost certainly a Democrat and the Democratic Party has taken over and is now “running the ball”. Fundraising is the next step and demagoguery of the issue is underway.

just the facts

I heard that with the current rate of inflation, my bills will go up by about $5,200 this year. It is unlikely that my salary will increase as much since I have never had this kind of increase. I have some hope of getting $2,000 from the state, but it’s only for a year. What happens next year? Because that $2,000 is going to make inflation worse.

Tina Aldez

Someone complained about how much I contribute to my church. In a year, I gave more than Joe Biden in a decade – he gave about $3,690 to charity in a decade. Biden has made more money in this decade than I will make in my lifetime, and that doesn’t include his share of Hunter’s business dealings.

Jane Batdorf

I just read the article about Chief Hook and his visit to Warsaw to help feed the millions of refugees; excellent. It helped bring the reality of the situation to the forefront for us. While many of us support the all-out Ukrainian effort. many of us in Sister Cities have found a way to give money directly to people we know. Food, medicine and other basic necessities are scarce for everyone, even in areas that have not yet been bombed.

Jim Tribett

Life is not a government grant. It is a gift from God.

Did you know that Delaware has never had a senator? Already. That’s according to President Joe Biden. Biden voters should be ashamed.

Billy G.

Conservatives love the idea of ​​free speech until Disney exercises that right. They are delighted that there is a new owner of Twitter. I hope they enjoy the “alternative facts”, myths, lies, propaganda and pornography they will be subjected to. Without borders, all prohibited, the rabbit hole will become very deep!


President Biden and the Democrats passed a massive $1.9 trillion “Covid Stimulus” in early 2021 called the American Rescue Act. At the time, US GDP was growing strongly (6.4%) and inflation was just 1.7% (both excellent). All Republicans and many economists have warned that the stimulus is unnecessary and will lead to inflation. A year later, GDP is contracting (-1.4%) and inflation is 8.5%. The craziest thing is Biden and most Democrats want to spend even more!

Robert Minner

I hope the 4 Radical Democrats pay extra taxes to cover mine, because I won’t be paying interest-free college loans.

Mike S

It’s time for EJ Dionne to retire his old Smith-Corona Clipper typewriter. His commentary on how offended Democrats must be this election cycle if they expect to hold on to power is pure comedic genius — even if it’s unintentional. Democrats are incapable of campaigning on anything that the average voter would perceive as positive. So they continue to campaign against Donald Trump who has not been in power for years. Good luck with that game plan!


In 2020, with the help of a Democratic-controlled state Supreme Court, Governor Wolf changed the course of a presidential election. At what price ? Destruction of our state’s economy and education system. The PA was ranked 42nd in the pandemic response. Now, with the “blood money” born from that malfeasance, he seeks to buy votes for Josh Shapiro and others who should have investigated him for thousands of preventable deaths in long-term care facilities.

Mr. Furlong

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff traveled to Ukraine to meet with Ukrainian leaders. Seeing these 2 incompetent liars trying to conduct a foreign policy is scary. Having Joe Biden as President, Kamala Harris as Vice President, and Nancy Pelosi as 3rd in line is sheer madness.

Michael Stern

Patriot54 is once again spewing biased false information about normal people. No one cares about gay adults or books that portray kids with two fathers. Damn, this stuff has been in books, on TV, in movies, and in real life for decades. But exposing 5-year-olds to books and teachers who show first-graders how to perform straight and gay sex acts is depraved — and now criminal (at least in Florida).

Mrs. Crabtree

To all Republicans. I realize that Dems. have problems and are just as much to blame as the Republicans. The thing I can’t get over is the fact that you don’t admit it either. Marjory Taylor Green has just been caught lying between her teeth. Kevin McCarthy was also exposed for lying. Then there’s the king of liars Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell. I know how much you hate Dems, but I can’t understand how you can stay behind those creeps!

Some Sound Off commenters keep asking why Trump’s name keeps appearing on Sound Off. Maybe because he’s likely to run again, or because he’s still under investigation, or because he himself is doing everything possible to stay in the public eye. ? It’s part of the zeitgeist, folks, and will continue to be commented on for months. Get used to the fact that many will be negative.

If black lives really matter, why aren’t prominent black leaders getting involved? Answer: Black crimes are the result of nuclear family breakdown; No fathers! If a black leader admitted this fact, one would expect him to solve the problem for which he has no answer. Baby mothers need to stop letting black men take advantage of them. Respect yourself!

If the Republicans take control of Congress, the first thing they should do is defund the “Ministry of Truth” that Joe Biden created. This “Department of Disinformation” is the biggest threat to our democracy bar none.


It is amazing how many politicians and elites do not recall or remember details of important events when they testify. If their memory is that bad, they shouldn’t be in the position they’re in.


RS asks what unites Jay Miller and Lefty and David M and Patriot54. The unifying factor is truth. Not the conspiracy theory that is perpetually spewed out by others.

Jay Miller

Some things Elon Musk could do with $44 billion: Reduce world hunger. Bring drinking water to struggling nations. End homelessness. Get psychiatric help for uninsured troubled teens. Relocate and shelter victims of domestic violence. Eliminate poverty and discrimination against minorities. Basically, do something other than buy Twitter, which serves a social redeeming thing for anyone, anywhere.

Greg T.

I heard that Majorie Taylor Greene was really invested in the Catholic Church. When a Conservative attacks the Catholic Church, that is real news. She accused the Church of being controlled by Satan. I know that’s not true, but will the mad right defend the church? Ah, they’ll probably ignore it because they’ll have to think about it and it’s too hard.

left handed

It seems that when Democrats claim to be a devout Catholic, that doesn’t mean what the Catholic Church says. Batdorf pointed out Joe Biden’s hypocrisy when he contributed very little of his large income to his church. The Bible suggests giving a tenth to the Lord, as does the church. His tax returns show he gave far less. Millions of his earnings are also missing from these statements.

Bruce C.

Patriot 54: FYI Tithing is mentioned in the Bible more than 20 times. It’s in both the Old and New Testaments. This is where tithing was born and why Christians do it. It is to give thanks to God for all his blessings that have been granted to them.


As for Jim Fitch in last Tuesday’s Sound Off, there are definitely four villages missing their idiots! Their names start with J, P, L and D! The four trolls from Sound Off!

Biden’s brain regularly stops working amid speeches. Joe Biden struggles to say ‘Kleptocracy’, is ironic since his family is literally one. I love knowing that now more people will see video proof of all of this as it will no longer be taken down by Twitter. China is laughing at us.


Imagine… You voted for your guy because you hated the other guy and now your guy has turned out to be the disaster the other guy told you your guy would be. What would you think of that?

jim fitch

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