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The HBO series Naughty is the story of a feminist writer who attempts to break new boundaries in the pornography industry of the 1970s. With such an interesting premise, Naughty also features a wide variety of characters who come from all walks of life and different perspectives.

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Even though the series is diverse, not all characters are necessarily likable, and others break with stereotypes and prove to be relatable. While most characters have aspects of their personality that are endearing, some are more likable than others.

9 Bridget Westbury

Councilor Westbury speaks to Minx reporters

The new San Fernando Valley councilwoman does a lot to make herself unlikable in her few appearances on the show. Outright opposing the publication of the show’s titular magazine, Westbury’s position is squarely based on his sense of moral superiority.

While the Valley porn industry has always dealt with meddling politicians, there was a certain deal between them that made the whole process routine. Westbury breaks with convention and is very adamant in his position. Finally, the most hateful aspect of her character is that she absolutely refuses to listen to reason when Joyce tries to explain the importance of Minx.. It’s one thing to have opinions, and it’s another to dismiss the thoughts of others.

8 Glenn

Glenn raises his hand to ask a question during a Minx press conference

Known for his starring role in the impendingly quotable movie almost knownMichael Angarano’s turn as Glenn Naughty is an interesting evolution of his acting skills. Glenn is Joyce’s ex-boyfriend, and it is shown early in the show that he has second thoughts about his lifelong dream of publishing a mainstream feminist magazine.

While this position is common among people who know her, it’s Glenn’s attitude when she finally succeeds that makes him less likable. It’s debatable whether he actually cares about Joyce or not, and he comes across as greedy when he tries to steal her from Doug’s publishing house. It shows a lot about Glenn’s character that he only trusts Joyce’s ideas when they’re a surefire success, not when they’re still just a pipe dream.


7 Doug Renetti

Doug listens sitting at a booth at Minx

Although there are several shows like Naughty, one of the things that sets it apart is the complicated nature of many of its characters. Doug Renetti, at first glance, seems like a seedy porn editor who only cares about the last dollar, but as the series progresses, he turns out to be so much more.

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Doug is a complicated character because there are aspects of him that are both sympathetic and unsympathetic. In a way, he’s likable because he’s the only person who listens to Joyce’s ideas and actually takes them seriously. However, on the other hand, it’s clear that he sees a golden opportunity to legitimize his business, and himself, through Joyce’s working life. Doug exists in a strange middle ground between sympathetic and unsympathetic, and that makes him one of the most interesting characters on the show.

6 Shane Brody

Shane listens to Joyce explain something to him from Minx

Shane isn’t sticking around for the long haul, but his brief appearance on the show is a pivotal moment for the show. Shane is Minx’s first cover model and he splits his time between his hobby modeling career and his full-time job as a firefighter.

Shane comes across as a ditz quite frequently, and it’s his misinterpretation of a situation that leads to great distress for Joyce. However, he is likable as he clearly has a desire to learn more about feminism and he cares about Joyce on a much deeper level than just physical. He also helps teach Joyce an important lesson about herself, and in the end, the two are better off for knowing each other.

5 Joyce Prigger

Joyce pitches a Minx magazine

Although she’s the show’s main character, Joyce isn’t necessarily the friendliest of them all. Joyce is a passionate person with a drive to succeed in a world that has nothing but contempt for high-spirited women. Despite this intelligence and passion, she often misses the point when it comes to other people’s emotions.

Joyce is incredibly inflexible, and while that has served her well a few times, it also makes things difficult for those around her. Compromise is a big part of collaboration, and Joyce’s political ideals are uncompromising at best. On the other hand, she is likable because she learns to appreciate the contributions of others, and is shown to have had a profound impact on the lives of Shane and the warehouse workers she influenced.

4 Tina

Tina listens while drinking Minx water

To simply refer to Tina as Doug Renetti’s assistant would do a huge disservice to whatever she actually does for Bottom Dollar Publishing. Tina and Doug are the perfect team and in many ways she represents the more conservative side of running a business.

Tina has a brilliant mind for business while Doug excels at people skills and dealing with the sexist men who run the world. Despite this poise, Tina has also been wrong on several occasions, including when she underestimated Doug’s ability to influence others. Tina’s likability comes from her loyalty and steady hand when it comes to dealing with her partner’s upside down world.

3 Richie

Richie listens sitting on a couch to Minx

One of the things that made Naughty one of the most anticipated HBO shows of 2022, was its diverse cast and cast of characters. Richie is Bottom Dollar’s most talented photographer, and he’s repeatedly shown himself to be an artist with a purpose, even when porn isn’t treated as such.

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Richie is a kind and caring person who is free from the typical sordidness associated with the world of porn. He treats everyone with the same level of care and is truly passionate about the work he does at Bottom Dollar. On the other hand, Richie is also shown to be incredibly modest and he finds it hard to believe he belongs in the art world, even though everyone around him knows he belongs.

2 Bambi

Bambi looks from Minx

Duplicating two of HBO Max’s funniest shows, Jessica Lowe doesn’t just play Bambi in Naughtybut she also recently appeared in Virtuous Gemstones. Bambi is one of Bottom Dollar’s most successful models and this has placed her in a much bigger role within the company.

Always positive and helpful, Bambi repeatedly proved to be smart and an incredibly fast learner. Breaking the stereotype of the ditzy blonde model, Bambi shows that she has an entrepreneurial spirit and a heart full of compassion. Teaming up with Joyce, Shelly and Richie, Bambi was one of the driving forces that kept Minx operational, and she brings a fun energy to the project.

1 Shell

Shelly and her son carry boxes of Minx

Naughty is a unique show as it features two fish out of water characters who help introduce audiences to the porn magazine industry. Joyce’s older sister, Shelly, is a mother of two and a homemaker. Due to her unique position, she brings her own energy when helping Bottom Dollar.

Shelly is smart and patient, while Joyce despises her for succumbing to the social roles imposed on women, she proves time and time again that she subverts them. She’s sensible, but she still comes from a place of love and understanding. Although she doesn’t quite fit into the porn world, Shelly is never judgmental and always ready to help her sister’s dreams come true. In the end, she is the friendliest because she has a lot to give to the world, and especially her little sister who often needs someone to lean on.

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