The Latest Texting Teens Are Using

Please note that your child may not even know what this means. If they see things or hear things more likely in videos.

I don’t know about you, but for me, a mother of three tweens and a teenager, I hear a lot of things coming out of my boys’ mouths that I’ve never heard before. Although many of them are harmless, like “sus”, “pari” or “bussin”, there are some that do. pose a potential threat.

It is important for parents to know what some of these shortcuts mean. If you’re monitoring your teen’s online activity, you want to understand what they’re saying. As parents in 2022, we have a lot more to worry about than our parents, we no longer live in the same world and unfortunately, it is imperative that we monitor our children’s ways much more closely. Please note that your child may not even know what this means. If they see things or more likely hear things in videos, they might just use it to sound “cool”. Better be aware though.

  1. And I oop: Used after a funny mistake or an accident.
  2. Baddie: Tough, independent woman.
  3. Bands: Refers to bands around money or a wealthy person.
  4. Bet: agree to do something.
  5. Hue: As a couple
  6. Breadcrumb: Sending flirting texts without tracking.
  7. Bussin: Something is great.
  8. Cap: A lie/lie
  9. No cap: don’t lie
  10. Cheug: something that is obsolete
  11. Influence: number of followers
  12. Chasing Clout: A person who does and says things for the sole purpose of becoming more popular.
  13. Curve: Rejecting someone romantically.
  14. Handcuffs: Wanting to date someone temporarily.
  15. Do it for the gram: Do something for the sole purpose of publishing online.
  16. Drip: A person with a cool or sexy style
  17. Hundo P: To be 100% sure.
  18. Hypebeast: Someone who cares too much about popular things rather than being authentic.
  19. Keep it 100: Stay true to yourself and respect your values.
  20. Left on Read: When someone doesn’t reply to your text.
  21. Mood: A relatable feeling or experience.
  22. Periodt: Used to emphasize what you just said.
  23. Purr: Expressing approval.
  24. Receipts: Evidence that someone is lying.
  25. Sketch: A summary or disturbing situation, place or person.
  26. Skrrt: To leave quickly or get away from someone
  27. Vessel: Abbreviation for relationship.
  28. Simp: A guy who is too attentive and submissive to a girl.
  29. Sheesh: a term used to compliment someone
  30. Suh: used as a greeting.
  31. Sus: Abbreviation for suspect describing a situation, person or claim.
  32. Shawty: An attractive female.
  33. Sheee: An expression of disappointment, annoyance, or surprise.
  34. Slaps: Used when something is great.
  35. Ripped off: a person or thing that looks great.
  36. Stan: A fan too obsessed with a celebrity.
  37. Fire: Describes something amazing.
  38. Thumpin’: Someone is leaving quickly.
  39. NGL: I’m not going to lie.
  40. NMH: Nod; an expression of agreement.
  41. NSA: No condition is attached.
  42. HWU: Hey, what’s up?
  43. IYKWIM: If you know what I mean.
  44. ORLY: Really?
  45. SMH: I shake my head.
  46. TFW: That feeling when
  47. TT2T: Too tired to talk.
  48. L: Abbreviation for loose or loss.
  49. V: Abbreviation for very.
  50. W: Abbreviation for win. Their loss is our w.
  51. WYA: Where are you?
  52. JMJ: What are you doing?
  53. YK: You’re kidding.
  54. YKTS: You know the score.
  55. YKTV: You know the vibe.

Potentially Dangerous Texting Acronyms Teens Use

  1. Addy/Study Buddy: Used in place of the drug Adderall.
  2. ASL: Age/gender/location
  3. Bet: An answer indicating a deal. (You bet!)
  4. Bih: The short version of b*tch
  5. Body count: The number of people someone has slept with
  6. Green break. A term that means sharing marijuana with others.
  7. Cake: Describes a female with a nice behind (usually wide)
  8. CD9. I can’t speak, the parents are there.
  9. Chad: A hypersexual young man
  10. UC46. Date for sex.
  11. Dabbing: refers to concentrated doses of cannabis; also, a dance step
  12. Dad: an older, attractive man who conveys a sense of power and dominance
  13. DTF: Until Fucked
  14. Faded/Cooked: Used to describe being on drugs.
  15. FBOI: Fucking Boy; a guy just looking for sex
  16. Finsta: a second Instagram account used to share with a select circle of friends and followers.
  17. FWB: Friends with Benefits
  18. GALMA: Go away, leave me alone.
  19. GSW: Get some weed.
  20. Hentai: Graphic Anime Pornography
  21. Hulk: a generic 2mg benzodiazepine bar, which is green
  22. KMS: commit suicide
  23. KYS: kill yourself
  24. Kush/Flower/Gas: Used in place of marijuana.
  25. LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life.
  26. Meal: Someone who looks good enough to eat.
  27. MOS/POS: mom over the shoulder; Parent on the shoulder.
  28. ONS: One night stand.
  29. Plug: A person who can “connect” you with drugs or a drug dealer.
  30. School bus: a 2 mg Xanax bar, which is yellow
  31. Skeet: To ejaculate
  32. Smash: means to have casual sex
  33. Spice or K2: Synthetic marijuana, which can be more harmful than real cannabis.
  34. Swoop: to be picked up in a car
  35. TDTM: Talk to me badly
  36. Thirsty: Desperate for sexual attention
  37. Thot: means “that ho over there” (used instead of “bitch”)
  38. Trash: “Horrible”, “Unacceptable”
  39. Turnt: having a good time with the help of drugs or alcohol
  40. URAL: You are a loser.
  41. WWTP: Want to swap photos?
  42. Xan/Xans: Short for Xanax. Also called xanny, beans, bars and footballs.
  43. X or E: Ecstasy, otherwise known as “molly” or MDMA.
  44. Zaddy: A well-dressed, attractive man of all ages.
  45. Zerg: Bully

There’s definitely more to it, and things seem to be changing daily.

Cyberbullying and sexting

According to Anti-Defamation Leaguecyberbullying can affect your child/adolescent if you notice these signs:

  • Feeling sad or angry while or after going online or using your phone.
  • Withdraws from family or friends.
  • Refuses to participate in activities he previously enjoyed.
  • Unexplained drop in grades.
  • Refuse to go to school.
  • Depression or sadness.

If you notice one or more of these signs, try approaching your teen to talk about them. Parents should try to adopt a supportive tone and gently express concern. In addition to cyberbullying, sexting has become popular with teenagers. Sexting refers to the exchange of sexual content Going through technological devices. According Frontiers in Psychologythe need to be popular was found to be a factor that could increase the likelihood of being involved in sexting.

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