The Five Knuckle Shuffle (and 9 other wrestling moves that are innuendos)

In the world of wrestling, and many other businesses, sex sells. Since the target population for professional wrestling is primarily the male demographic between the ages of 18 and 49, promotions have and will do everything they can to relate to their target audience. One of the main things promotions do to be “with the kids” is to speak their language, and we know what that language is.

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There have been many wrestling innuendos over the years, in everything from wrestler names to promotion names. So be prepared to delete your internet history to avoid any suspicion from your friends or family as none of them will believe these are wrestling moves.

ten John Cena – Five Finger Mix

It’s in the title of the article, so let’s get to it now. It’s arguably one of the weakest moves in all of pro wrestling, with Cena telling his opponent he can’t see him before glancing at whoever is lying on the mat. However, despite preaching restlessness, loyalty and respect for children, the move was surprisingly never renamed.

It started out as a fun innuendo when Cena was a hooker in 2003, but over the years he’s become one of the biggest names in the industry, but the name of the move has stuck to this day. You can only imagine what must have gone through the minds of parents when they found out their children were fighting each other in the playground.

9 Goldust – The Golden Globes

It’s probably the most devastating move in pro wrestling, being held in a corner and kicked in the groin by a strong, athletic man like Dustin Rhodes must hurt. While this move might be called “Shattered Dreams” to the modern fan, it had a different name back then.

Back when Goldust aimed to make people uncomfortable and also the movie industry, that same kick was called the “Golden Globes”. Only in wrestling could you find a logical connection to one of the most prestigious award shows in Hollywood and below.


8 The Godfather – The Ho Train

He was a living, breathing, working pimp, so of course some sort of innuendo-related move in his arsenal. After his runs as Sir Charles, Papa Shango and “The Supreme Fighting Machine” Kama, Charles Wright found his greatest success, and arguably the gimmick that landed him in the WWE Hall of Fame, The Godfather.

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One of his moves was named “The Ho Train” after his ladies who accompanied him to ringside. However, this move makes the list because the term “Train” or “Running a Train” on someone, means something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in 2022. If you don’t know what that means, google it. .

7 Michael Nakazawa – Hentai Slide

This one is actually quite funny, and it exposes Tony Schiavone as a lovely guy who is sometimes the most gullible man alive. On the April 9, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite, Michael Nakazawa teamed up with Kenny Omega to take on Best Friends. Before the match, Omega had given Schiavone and Chris Jericho a list of move names to read, and poor Tony.

There was the “Mini Skirt Police” which was actually a move they performed together in DDT, the “Venom Testicles” where Nakazawa takes off her thong and uses it for a mandible claw move. But the one that wins the prize is the “Hentai Slide” which made Schiavone say “ooooo hentai” on national TV, and which alone justifies this gesture.

6 Scotty Anton – The Blow

After Scotty Riggs left WCW, he found himself in ECW as Rob Van Dam’s best friend. However, at Hardcore Heaven 2000, Scotty would betray RVD and cost him a match against bitter rival Jerry Lynn, before siding with “The Network”. This is where Scotty Anton’s new gadget was introduced, “The Clap”.

Anton, along with everyone in “The Network”, would come to the ring clapping, he would lock his opponents in a sniper he called “The Clap”, told fans he would give them “The Clap and if you’ve read this far and didn’t know that “The Clap” is a slang term for an STI, go to bed and don’t tell your parents.

5 Francine – Koochie Canrana

You have to give it to ECW, they came up with some very creative names over their 9 year run. Whether it’s The Sandman’s various booze-related moves, renowned moves to relate to the wrestlers’ origin, like “The Italian Whip” for Little Guido, or the “Calgary Crab” for Lance Storm .

However, queen of extreme Francine didn’t have many moves in her arsenal considering she wasn’t an official wrestler. She did, however, have the devastating “Koochie-canrana”, which is basically a hurricane, but the person doing the move doesn’t have a Y chromosome. Thank goodness we evolved as a human race.

4 Major Gunns – locked, cocked and unloaded

There’s actually an argument that this decision isn’t an innuendo due to the fact that Major Gunns and the rest of the Misfits in Action stable were meant to be some kind of army. However, when you are called “Major Gunns” because of your… “Gunns”, in addition the general of said army is called Hugh G. Rection… point proven.

“Locked, cocked and unloaded” is an aptly named move for someone who literally left the business to become an adult actress on a more regular basis because all it was was a low blow. That’s it, he was literally hit in the groin so hard that whoever was on the receiving end of the move could never unload again…this was the worst thing we’ve ever typed.

3 Val Venis – The Money Shot

Speaking of unloading (sorry), what else could you expect from a man whose stuff was that of an adult movie star? Due to the Attitude era, Val Venis established himself as a rover in the 1990s and became twice Intercontinental Champion, as well as once European Champion.

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Although he had a finishing move called “The Big Package” which was another obvious reference, it has become more of a regular move over the years. Instead, favoring “The Money Shot” as a finisher, because of course he did. “The Money Shot” in wrestling is a very big hit, and “The Money Shot” in the film industry is also… a very big hit (why did I accept that?)

2 René Dupree – French tickler

Rene Dupree seems like a pretty tall guy. His “Cafe de Rene” podcast is one of the best around, and between the ropes, he’s a guy who was criminally underrated in terms of ability, and was criminalized in WWE because Americans don’t know the French, even if René is Canadian.

Dupree’s “French Tickler” was a signature move, but not a finisher for the former WWE Tag Team Champion. It was also a decision that would have been fined for some reason. But the question some people may ask, what is a “French Tickler?” Well, in the words of Joey Tribbiani from the show FRIENDS, “They are ribbed for your enjoyment.”

1 Danny Doring – Many of Them

Back to ECW for our best entry and Danny Doring had so many innuendos in his arsenal it’s impossible to pick just one, so let’s take a look at a few. There was his dipping elbow which he called “The Panty Drop Elbow” which is pretty self explanatory. There was the “Bareback” which was a suplex, and also self-explanatory, and also the “G-Spot Suite” which was a facebuster, obviously.

However, his finishing moves are very creative. Val Venis may have had a “Big Package”, but Danny Doring had a “Danaconda” which could be more impressive, I don’t know. His good finisher was a simple DDT titled “Wham bam thank you madam” which is not only a song name used by Slade, Dean Martin and David Bowie, but it also means a “quickie” which if you don’t know what that means, is another simple Google search.

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