The company offers its staff daily half-hour “masturbation breaks”

Barcelona firm says staff ‘feel good, work well’

In a gender-positive if admittedly unorthodox approach to improving well-being at work, a Spanish company gives its staff half-hour masturbation breaks to help reduce stress and “normalize” the human habit. natural.

Erika Lust runs her own adult entertainment company, Erika Lust Films, and after first announcing the morale-boosting measure in May (aka “Mastrubation Month”), the new-age work break is seriously luring attention.

With private “masturbation stations”, people working in the Barcelona office have a full 30 minutes to fulfill their needs. In fact, the trend has been so well received that sex toy makers have even provided the company with tools to help get the job done:

Among many positive testimonials, one employee told the Indy100 that extra breaks promote “less aggression” and “more productivity” in the workplace – the suggestion being that it doesn’t matter whether it’s an office or a warehouse, the rationale should ring true in both ways.

Additionally, while the notion of a masturbation break outside of a setting like this may make some people uncomfortable, a recent survey of over 1,000 people indicated that up to one in 20 people masturbated at work.

In fact, we’ve written about Lust before – about six years ago, to be precise – after her campaign to encourage both “ethical pornography” and “feminist pornography” started gaining traction.

Since then her business has grown steadily and to celebrate this year’s “Masturbation Month” she made the following documentary to get more people talking about sex in a way that breaks down the taboo and embarrassment :

Speaking in a recent Instagram post promoting the doc, Lust said: “The truth is that masturbation can help people manage stress, regulate their sleep, and connect with their bodies and sexual desires. among other benefits.⁠”

What do you think? Would you/would you masturbate at work and do you think other workplaces should devote time to it?

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