The anime devours the last of humanity in this hilarious short

What was once unspeakably cheesy is now totally acceptable to mainstream society. While we had to hide our endless hours of gameplay in MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV or our geek addiction to anime like The attack of the Titansnowadays, both hobbies have joined the mainstream.

However, as one youngster after another falls into the deep clutches of nerd culture, stands the last bastion of dudebros who refuse to succumb, like their friends before them, to anime. This is the hilarious premise behind a recent YouTuber video Flashgitz. With references to popular anime like naruto and A playthe animated short easily rips through both sides of the anime division with equal ridicule.

Clearly inspired by the animation style of rick and mortythe short also shares the raw sense of humor and penchant for pop culture jokes that the hit Adult Swim does.

As their old friends gather around the walled city shouting slogans and commendations, a few brave guys stand together and remain steadfast in their hatred of anime. However, their false sense of security and fragile male ego are about to be shattered like the walls of their home.

As they succumb one by one to the charm of hentai, dragon ball zand Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the sole survivor finally yields to anime greatness. Skewering dudebro culture and what’s cool or uncool to like in the first place, this video will bring anime fans and those who don’t understand the hype knowingly laughing together.

Unfortunately, since the video is age restricted, you’ll have to watch it on YouTube, but the video embedded above should get you there one way or another. You can also check out the video via this link.

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