The 10 Best TV Shows Like HBO’s Minx

Set in a fictional version of the 1970s magazine industry, Naughty is the story of a woman’s dream of publishing a feminist magazine that immerses her in the world of pornography. With its retro chic look and modern philosophy, Naughty is a refreshing take on the nostalgic genre.

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From nostalgic dramas like GLOW to hilarious series like hacksthere are many great shows to enjoy after you finish Naughty. Whether they deal with similar topics or have a similar tone, there are always more shows to fall in love with.


Kind of (2021–present)

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Sabi Mehboob walking down the street dressed in black and gold on some kind of

Reconciling personal and professional life is difficult, and Kind of follows a youngster who must balance much more than these two things. Sabi is a non-binary person who splits her days between working in an LGBTQ+ bar, babysitting a wealthy family, and managing her relationship with her conservative Pakistani parents.

Kind of is a refreshing look at the lives of modern young adults. Free from the usual clichés of most sitcoms, the series isn’t afraid to explore the more dramatic elements of Sabi’s life. Just like Joyce in NaughtySabi has to overcome more than just her struggle for work-life balance.

Dollface (2019–present)

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doll 201 kat dennings & brenda song

Most TV shows hinge on the relationship between its characters and, at its heart, doll face is about reconnecting with old friends. The show follows a young woman who, after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, begins to reconnect with all the friends she left behind while in a relationship.

Jules’ trip to doll face it’s more than finding friends, it’s also the relationship between women as a whole. As the character tries to retrain her brain to enjoy being single, she also learns how society tries to pit women against each other. Although not as overtly feminist as Naughtythere is a more subtle message to doll face.

Someone Somewhere (2022–present)

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Sam flirts with Drew at a bar on Somebody Somewhere

someone somewhere is a show that tries to tell its audience that people aren’t as easy to define as they seem. The series follows a woman who struggles to fit in in her small Kansas hometown. As she tries to come to terms with a recent loss, she finds a community of other outcasts and begins to understand her place in the world.

Featuring many great connections, someone somewhere is a sincere and comedic exploration of its main character. Like Joyce from NaughtySam is torn between her desire to stay true to herself and the acceptance of the community around her.

Swivel (2022–present)

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three girls standing in front of the coffin, rotating poster

Sometimes the shows can have drastically different tones and yet find common ground when it comes to their themes. Swivel follows the lives of three women who, against the advice of their psychiatrist, make life-altering decisions following the sudden death of a fourth friend.

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Turning the classic “midlife crisis” plot element on its ear, Swivel is a hilarious show that also has a lot to say about society. Looking back at the second half of their lives, the three women in the series begin to come to terms with the societal pressures placed upon them as they age. Corn Swivel is a different comic style from Naughtyit is no less poignant with its messaging.

Hacks (2021-present)

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Coming as one of the best HBO original series of 2021, hacks is a show that says a lot about relationships between generations. The series follows the mentorship between an aging Las Vegas comedian and a young woman who wants to break into the industry.

With a quick-witted comedian as the main character, hacks is obviously funny, but it also has more to say. Taken as a story from Joyce’s Feminist Magazine in Naughty, Deborah Vance’s career is considered to be in decline simply because she is an older woman in show business. However, hacks also has a lot to say about generational differences, without making one look superior to the other.

WeCrashed (2022–present)

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WeCrashed Anne Hathaway Jared Leto

As Naughty, We crashed follows an ambitious new idea in business, but unlike Naughty, We crashed is based on a true story. The show chronicles the meteoric rise of multimillion-dollar startup WeWork, and its eventual, and very quick, fall from grace.

Although the show is framed around the startup, the heart of the show is the relationship between its two main characters, Adam and Rebekah Neumann. Like a dark mirror for Naughty, We crashed is the bad side of ambition and shows the narcissism of its two main characters with astonishing clarity. The show illustrates that doing something exclusively out of greed can result in a downfall.

Winning time (2022–present)

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Winning Time Episode 1 Jerry Buss John C Reilly

Joyce from Naughty and Dr. Jerry Buss of winning time both want to do something that has never been done before, and their ambition is at the heart of their respective shows. winning time is the true story of the founding of the “Showtime” era Los Angeles Lakers and the behind-the-scenes drama that made the team so successful.

Super Pumped (2022–present)

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Joseph Gordon Levitt in Super Pumped: Battle for Uber.

Not all ambitions are driven by positivity, and super pumped is a show that perfectly embodies this idea. The series follows the turbulent founding battle for the startup ride-sharing service known as Uber.

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Although the show is based on true events, it also uses its story to say something about Silicon Valley in general. Shown through the eyes of lead character Travis, the heightened drama almost borders on comedy. Naughty pits its characters against an outside world that doesn’t understand them, just like super pumped. However, unlike Naughtythe viewer does not necessarily want the characters to succeed.

Shining Valley (2022–present)

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Shining Vale Phelps Home Kitchen

Similar to Naughty, shining valley has a lot to say about the place of women in a society that despises them. The show follows a family moving from the city to an old house in the countryside. Soon Pat begins to suspect that his depression is actually a possession.

Blending elements of horror, comedy and drama, shining valley uses her mix of genres to comment on the stigma of mental health, and in particular women’s mental health. Pat’s symptoms of possession also mirror symptoms of depression, yet the only way she can get help is if her affliction is supernatural. Although the two shows are radically different, Naughty and shining valley are similar in their messages about the role of women in society.

GLOW (2017-2019)

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Combining fact and fiction, GLOW used professional wrestling as a platform to tell a hilarious and gripping story. The show follows a startup wrestling promotion called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and the many women who make up its roster.

The show basically revolved around the relationship between Ruth and Debbie, two actresses whose friendship is ruined for a man. As they all struggle to make the show work, they learn about themselves and their place in a society that views them as less than. As NaughtyIn the world of porn, the professional wrestling industry has always been considered a seedy business. Both shows inject a healthy dose of dignity into their environments and treat people within their industries with respect.

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