Terrible Movies Star Wars Actors Hope You Forget

We’re sure the Oscar Natalie Portman won for ‘Black Swan’ is flawless, even if her career was anything but with stinkers like 2019’s “Lucy in the Sky” and 2011’s “Your Highness”, as well as two of the lowest-rated ‘Star Wars’ live-action movies (“The Phantom Menace” and “Attack of the Clones”), and one of the most “meh” Marvel movies (“Thor: The Dark World”). While Portman is one of the finest actors of his generation, his choices have been spotty — though understandably, being in “Star Wars” and the MCU movies has made Portman a pretty penny. However, his worst film – 2016 “Planetarium” – did not do any money.

In the 1930 Paris period pic, Portman plays a woman who, along with her sister (Lily-Rose Depp), is believed to commune with spirits, a supernatural ability harnessed by a French producer (Emmanuel Salinger). The scope of the film exceeds its scope, as it never emphasizes its interesting premise. “Planetarium” does half a million, or what a “Star Wars” or Marvel movie does in a minute. However, Portman is not one to regret his failures, at the 2018 IndieWire Honors ceremony that his fearlessness “came from a lot of failure, having a lot of experience making movies that I thought were great but didn’t turn out that way, and seeing that I could survive that. In the end, it’s a movie. You’ll move on and make another one. Hopefully, she doesn’t make another “planetarium.”

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