Sykkuno says Valkyrae is “immune” to YouTube ban

Streaming star Sykkuno thinks fellow “amigop” Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter could never be banned from YouTube because she’s “the face of YouTube Gaming”.

With 3.66 million subscribers on the Google-owned platform, Valkyrae has established itself as one of the most popular streamers. on Youtube.

Yet unlike many of her fellow content creators, Valkyrae has managed to avoid getting banned from YouTube since she started streaming exclusively for the site in 2020.

However, according to her friend Sykkuno, this could never happen to Valkyrae given her immense popularity. Not to mention the work she has done to help the platform grow over the years.

Twitter: Valkyrae

Valkyrae started streaming on Twitch in 2015 before moving to YouTube Gaming in 2020.

Sykkuno calls Valkyrae “the face of YouTube Gaming”

Valkyrae and Sykkuno can regularly be seen playing video games like “Among Us” during their live streams. The duo teamed up again for a “Valorant” match on May 27 until Valkyrae felt like playing something a little more sinister.

She debated whether to start playing the online horror game “Slenderman: Hentai Edition,” but she feared it would mean risking a possible YouTube ban. Still, Sykkuno assured him that as one of the most famous faces in gaming on YouTube, that would be highly unlikely.

“Rae, they can’t ban you. You are the face of YouTube,” Sykkuno said. Valkyrae rejected the title, but Sykkuno insisted, “You are the face of YouTube Gaming. I mean, they can’t ban you. You are immune.

In the end, Valkyrae couldn’t find the Hentai edition of “SlenderMan” to play during his stream. So any fears about its annoying ban were quickly dashed as it stuck to the original base game.

However, Sykkuno’s comments sparked a debate among fans over who exactly could be considered “the face” of YouTube Gaming. Especially with other big names like Dr Disrespect, Ludwig and TimTheTatman to compete.

Valkyrae may not have agreed with Sykkuno’s claims. However, she was one of the first and most prolific streamers to switch from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, followed by many others, including Sykkuno himself.

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