Student sex work happens and university must respond with medical services

Students who are increasingly indebted, including in higher education, may be particularly motivated to prostitute themselves. Credit: Freestocks / Unsplash

As colleges and semesters progress, a small but growing proportion of students may adopt some form of part-time employment, or sex work, which is rarely reported and overlooked.

Over the past year, Dramatic Increase in OnlyFans Content Creator – A platform that allows fans to directly pay creators for content popular with sex workers. Some new users say they have created an account. The OnlyFans platform has reported a significant increase in the number of users during the pandemic. From 7.5 million users in November 2019 to 85 million in December 2020.

In Canada, a company called “Seeking Arrangement” (formerly known as “Seeking Arrangement”) Elite dating site. experience participating in the Seeking Arrangement and hanging out with successful benefactors who have helped avoid student debt and secure a better future. noted. The company is currently discouraged. Use of the term “sugar baby”.

“Date in Sugar” or “Confit” An approach to dating where one partner provides compensation to others (often in the form of money or gifts); those who receive compensation are generally referred to as “sugar babies”.

In the new school year, higher education institutions must be careful and react.

What is “sex work”?

People can most likely think of sex work as prostitution, but in reality sex work is a growing profession, and all forms of sexual services are provided for a fee.

Some students may engage in prostitution, but they may also participate in pornography, webcams, phone line operations, club dances, sweet dates, etc. With the rise of platforms like OnlyFans and JustForFans, anyone can engage in sex work from their own home or dorm.

Why do students participate in sex work?

We don’t know how many Canadian students are involved in sex work, but international estimates suggest 2.1% When 7% Percentage of students engaged in sex work.

Students often turn to sex work as a career choice for a number of reasons. Sex work can offer attractive choices for some because it offers flexible working hours, someone can be their boss, offer higher wages than service industries like retail or it’s fun. .

In addition, an increasingly liberal social attitude In matters of sexuality and sexuality, some students may find it more comfortable to participate.

For others, sex work may be less of a choice. Have some students had negative work experiences elsewhere? No viable employment option. Others may have been victims of exploitation, abuse or abandonment. This makes them believe that sex work is their only option. Experienced students Growing debt, including higher education, can be particularly motivated to pursue sex work.

Based on these factors, you may have the instinct to criminalize sex work or challenge your support for sex work, Canadian Public Health Association, Human Rights Expert, Supporter of Sex Work, When Researcher Everything emphasizes the possibilities Damage to such a reaction Our energy is better spent on motivating people to continue sex work rather than punishing participants.

international student

International students may also be attracted to sex work to help pay for tuition. On average 3 to 5 times higher than national students. Despite the stereotype that international students come from a wealthy background, studies show that many, especially those enrolled in higher education in Canada, Seeking a way to immigrate— —Often faced with financial instability, It is difficult to find affordable housing when they experience a higher percentage of food insecurity than their national peers.

On the other hand, off-campus employment opportunities are limited by visa status. Make sex work a potentially lucrative option.

Why consider student prostitution in higher education?

Although it is increasingly mainstream and mainstream, sex work also poses a risk. Student sex workers are more likely to report having more sex partners High prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases They are more likely to report higher drug use or dependence than their non-sex worker companions. Especially the advice – more than a non-sex worker companion.

In addition, 2SLGBTQ + Male is overestimated in the student sex worker population. This raises the question of how best to support 2SLGBTQ + students in higher education. NOT. The Canadian Public Health Association of Canada also reports that First Nations, Inuit and Métis are overestimated in the sex worker population as the effects of colonization continue. It can reasonably be estimated that the demographic distribution of female sex workers is similar.

Some female sex worker students may not be reluctant to disclose their work to their peers, May do so as a way to manage and control stigma, Others may avoid doing so due to the stigma against the sex industry gender, leading to social isolation and potential dissonance in their identities. It is worth considering how community and cultural values ​​influence the choice of female sex workers to disclose their work, and thus open the door to student service professionals.

Legal background

The legal context of sex work in Canada is a bit of a gray area. Building C-36, Legislation protecting communities and exploited people, Selling your own sex is not a crime, and buying someone else’s sex is a crime.

This creates a status of quasi-criminalization for sex work, and any time sexual services are provided for pay, the student sex worker is not responsible for the crime. Bill C-36 asks higher education institutions what to do if they engage in sex work on campus (such as housing) or through institutional resources (promoting sexual services while using the establishment’s Internet). I throw.

Higher Education Institutions Legal Liability or Liability for Sex Trafficking This happens on campus.

Harm reduction approach

Advocate for the Canadian Public Health Association For a Harm Reduction Approach from Sex Work.

This means that it is imperative that the Student Wellness Center integrates sex workers in the design and implementation of services such as mental health, addiction and sexual health. Likewise, the support sex workers are likely to have access to must also be culturally sensitive to 2SLGBTQ + students, and campus support for 2SLGBTQ + students includes the needs of sex workers. Must be.

As students navigate the costs of higher education in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must start taking action to meet the needs of students and sex workers. From the point of view of health and well-being, we need to secure student health promotion programs and adapted health services in higher education.

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Student sex work happens and university must respond with medical services

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