Steam sales, the best games under € 1

The 2021 Winter Sale on Steam is in full swing, and one of the funniest exercises is looking for games you don’t know but have a price tag. make it irresistible. The “1 €” range is one of the most attractive and fun because in this range we will not find great commercial successes – although there are – but there are small and imaginative titles that can be purchased. for the price that is worth selling in the market some of these letters reaching us using the Valve service.

In this range there is a great heterogeneity of games and we cannot totally trust the evaluations of the public (there are many hentai, titles whose allure gives them tons of easy achievements, highly questionable productions, and various meme games that people approve of joining the party). Corn there are also jewelry if you know where to look and this is what we will try in these lines:

Games with “historical sales”

This tag is reserved for games that reach its lowest price in its history on Steam. In the “0 to 1 €” range, there are 73 games in these sales, some with many years in store, others with only a few months.

Milo and the Magpies – € 0.99 –

Looking for the first time in this category is it Nice game a mixture of graphic adventure and “object search”, which is distinguished by its beautiful hand-drawn reconstruction of a Dutch neighborhood. Short and calm, something to calm our minds.

Mars Power Industries Deluxe – € 0.82 –

Going through over 100 levels of puzzles With progressive difficulty, use your wits to solve the electrical issues plaguing our colony on Mars. Packed with a stellar presentation, wonderful sound work, and a clever approach, this is a game that shines in its own light.

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded – € 0.39 –

Alien Shooter is a classic in this part of Steam sales. The former is usually in this price range with aggressive discounts of 90% from its usual price of € 3.99 and now Sigma Team is repeating the game with a sequel that rightly develop all the virtues of the original. Isometric perspective, arcade air and thousands of aliens to take down using a variety of weapons and vehicles. Pure, shameless pleasure.

Games at € 1 or less than the repeat price

There is more of 1600 games at 1 € or less in these winter sales 2021, the choice is therefore wide. We have a few suggestions for you.

Milk in a bag Milk in a bag of milk – € 0.43 –

If you are interested in the potential of video games not only to tell different stories, but also to experience them first-hand, this trip to schizophrenia It will only take 20 minutes but it will stay with you for a long time. It is translated into Spanish although, we warn you, it is a difficult experience. If you like, its sequel Milk in a Milk Bag off Milk Bag has just been released, with renewed ambitions and higher production values.

Without beef – € 0.81 –

The game that put Night School Studio on the map in a big way. Oxenfree is a great horror adventure for young people bathed in 80’s references with an audiovisual section that does not get old. Evaluated with an 80 in metacritics and an 8 in merit.

Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax – € 0.99 –

Steam builds up one growing library of quality shmups but there aren’t many that are cooperative. Up to four players on the same machine can play this action-packed game with competent audiovisual staging.

Along with these more detailed recommendations, we give you a quicker list of the most popular titles you won’t fail with. Remember that the offers will be valid until January 5 at 7:00 p.m. (Spain Peninsular Time):


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