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The long term JoJo’s bizarre adventure The animated series continues with its fifth animated season: Stone Ocean, and this one is wilder than ever. Starring Jolyne Cujoh (Kira Buckland), the series’ first female protagonist, she follows this brave young woman as she is thrown behind bars in Port St. Lucie, the Green Dolphin Street prison in Florida for a felony that she did not commit. Feeling betrayed by the man she thought she loved and failed by the prison system, she discovers a latent power within her that soon allows her to save herself and her father, the fan favorite of JoJo Jotaro Kujo ( Matthew Mercer), of a strange fate that could soon befall both of them.

Opening shot: It’s 5:35 p.m., and a tall young woman with green hair in buns stands motionless in the middle of the road, staring at a lifeless corpse as the rain cascades around her. As she gazes up into the sky as the rain continues to fall, the scene moves to a prison, where she laments to be “caught” pleasuring herself and begging to die. A fellow inmate remembers her name: Jolyne Cujoh, as she fumbles to admit what she has done. That’s life at Green Dolphin Street Prison.

The essential: Jolyne Cujoh was wrongly jailed for drunk driving, but there is more to it. While driving with their boyfriend, the couple accidentally collided with a young man, left for dead on the road. But the story soon begins to unfold as Jolyne discovers that there is much more to the story than that – including a plot she could never see coming. After being tried and convicted of her alleged wrongdoing, Jolyne finds herself with a heavy prison sentence and a set of items handed to her by her mother through her lawyer.

One of them includes a special locket, which pricks her finger in a horrible way. Inside the locket is a picture of his father, Jotaro Kujo, and his mother. Jotaro was never there for Jolyne, for reasons which will become apparent later, and actually has a message for Jolyne. The moment the two meet, Jolyne realizes that something strange has happened: she is able to summon a Stand, or the manifestation of her soul, like her father’s Stand, Star Platinum. The Stand, called Stone Ocean (Stone Free in the original Japanese version) allows Jolyne to untangle her entire body in a powerful type of rope, among other things.

From there, Jolyne realizes that she’s going to have to use her booth to solve the issues she faces in prison, unruly fellow inmates, corrupt lawyers and prison guards, and her future as she faces a double-digit prison sentence. There’s also a dark figure in the prison that will kick in soon enough, but the first episode throws enough on Jolyne, to be fair.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stone Ocean
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What shows will this remind you of? Ocean of stone will obviously recall the rest of the seasons of Jojo already on Netflix, but if you enjoyed shonen surprises like Useless Where Akame ga kill! In the past, Ocean of stone should feel like coming home due to its fast paced combat and instant guessing storyline.

Our opinion : Ocean of stone has one of the strongest season openers to date. Although the previous Jojo season, Golden Wind, wasted no time jumping into things, Ocean of stone is perhaps the most visceral and inventive episode yet. As he focuses on Jolyne Cujoh, the first Jojo frontwoman and advance in the time of Golden Wind, it also advances the overall story that started back in Ghost blood unexpectedly. And since it doesn’t stray away from the original manga, it’s an adaptation that should appeal to even fans who dreaded seeing this segment of the story come alive.

Jolyne is a strong, down-to-earth woman who has been through a lot and has no qualms about finding her way into life or the situation she has been faced with. She will undoubtedly become a beacon of what a female protagonist should be for many who end up watching the series, especially given her penchant for problem-solving on her own and going all the way, which whatever cards she has dealt. She also happens to have one of the most inventive booths of the JoJos to date, with some really exciting things happening with Stone Ocean’s string untangling powers. She might not be delicately changing things for herself and others, but it sure is fun.

This episode could be the best of Jojo animated adaptations yet, if the first episode is any indication. It also means a drastic change for the series going forward, as manga readers know, and it makes it exciting on its own.

Gender and skin: The episode begins with Jolyne openly discussing masturbation, with other inmates calling her various hot names. Outfits can get quite racy, and an inmate is storing money in her chest. It’s not approaching hentai territory or anything, but there is some sexy skin and slang tossed around. We are dealing with prisoners, after all.

Starting shot: Following a particularly well-planned act of revenge by Jolyne on a certain lawyer, the scene switches to an unidentified prisoner wearing the same locket Jolyne was given at the start of the episode. Who are they and how did they get it? That’s the exact reason you’re going to want to hit play on the second episode ASAP.

Sleeper Star: Ermes Costello (Tiana Camacho) is one of the first friends Jolyne makes upon arriving at Green Dolphin Street Prison. Although she is a brutal inmate on the outside, she also has a vulnerable side. She suggests that Jolyne bring some money to jail with her, showing off a small pocket in her chest in which she hides hers. This leads to the guards getting into a fight with her, which Jolyne is able to stop, but it proves that even Ermes, wise and wise, can get into sticky situations as well. But she’s so cool, you’d hardly know.

Most of the pilot lines: ” I am innocent. »Jolyne sets the record straight towards the beginning of the episode while his fellow inmates inform him of his intentions. With this statement we know that something very fishy is going on, or that Jolyne has a lot to tell us. Either way, it’s a way to keep you hooked.

Our call: Stream it. Whether you followed the Jojo saga since the beginning of the anime adaptations with Part 1: Ghost blood or are you looking to jump into this action-packed, meme-worthy series, the first episode of Ocean of stone well worth your time. It’s wild, scorching, and filled with some of the most exciting characters you’ll see in the anime world in a while. And best of all, this episode is just the tip of the iceberg. Really bizarre things are about to happen, and you won’t want to miss what happens to Jolyne next.

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