‘Something really stinks in Port Townsend,’ columnist claims after mayor’s sex tweets

What began as a pool locker room clash between an 80-year-old Port Townsend woman and a self-identified transgender YMCA worker in July has now expanded to revelations involving the city’s mayor of the Olympic Peninsula.

Nearly four weeks after octogenarian Julie Jaman was banned from swimming at the city’s Mountain View Pool following the incident in early July, Port Townsend Mayor David J. Faber is now under attack by some members of his small town of 10,000 – and at least one columnist. /podcaster.

His opponents are irked by Faber’s Twitter posts and replies that appear to denigrate women and girls – and for his role in a protest in a city park where he allegedly praised male activists who called out the TERF women – an acronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, considered by some to be a misogynistic slur.

Faber’s Twitter posts have come under scrutiny after he released a proclamation of support for the 18-year-old transgender worker.

A feminist activist who helped create a shelter for women victims of domestic violence, Jaman was showering naked in the YMCA locker room when she saw someone with a deep male voice and male genitals watching little girls undress. When she yelled at the staff member, pool officials banned her from the pool for discrimination.

Dori: Port Townsend Woman, 80, Banned From Pool After Argument With Biological Man In Women’s Shower

Podcaster and columnist Mandy Stadtmiller, who has written for The New York Post, New York Magazine and The Washington Post, called Faber’s social media story an “emerging scandal” when she was on Wednesday’s Dori Monson Show. .

Hailing from his community of 10,000, Faber openly tweeted, “as mayor I am legally bound to call myself a pervert and a deviant,” Stadtmiller told Dori.

In his Substack podcast titled Rabbitholed, the writer cites nearly half a dozen other posts from Faber, including tweets “in support of incel pickup lines that include things like ‘do the love with me or I kill myself”.

An incel is part of an online community of young men who consider themselves incapable of attracting women and are often tied to views hostile to women.

Equally disturbing, Stadtmiller said, was his tweet that “Pee-wee Herman did nothing wrong” – in reference to the 1991 arrest for public masturbation by comedian Paul Reubens, who played the character of fictional comic book in children’s television shows and movies for older audiences.

“I’m a comedian, and I’m not for cop comedy or free speech, but when the agenda you’re advocating is one that really hurts women and centers male sexual fetishes, there’s a problem” , Stadtmiller continued.

In yet another instance, cited by Stadtmiller to Dori listeners, Mayor Faber responded to a question on Twitter with, “I basically have Vaush politics.”

Vaush is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for debating and discussing politics online, including his advocacy for the legalization of child pornography.

In some of the mayor’s other posts — including Faber’s response to a tweet about human-dog sex — Stadtmiller likens his behavior to “a little high school troll and that’s really disturbing.”

In addition to the messages, The Dori Monson Show received emails from listeners in the Olympic Peninsula area upset by Faber’s appearance at the Port Townsend Park protest. Some of the signs carried by men in the park where Faber appeared last week read “Die Nazi TERFs”, according to an email received by the Dori Monson Show and other media. The crowd, the email continued, was described by Mr Faber as the “community spectacle of Port Townsend”.[ing] huge and beautiful.

“How in the (expletive) could this guy take over a city – let alone lead the way in safeguarding the rights of children and women?” Stadtmiller interrogated. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he was recalled. Its a threat.

Faber was elected to Port Townsend City Council in 2015 and re-elected in 2019. In late 2021, his fellow City Council members elected him Mayor.

This, says Stadtmiller, shows that “something stinks really, really bad in Port Townsend”.

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