Rosalía unveils the fiery cover of “MOTOMAMI” and announces a new single

the MOTOMAMI the countdown is finally here. Spanish artist Rosalía’s highly anticipated third album has finally arrived – and of course, she’s already created all kinds of conversations (and memes) in the process. As part of this compelling promotional cycle, she unveiled the cover art for MOTOMAMI today and announced that his next single will be released on Friday February 4th.

Earlier today, the Spanish singer enthusiastically tweeted, “Madre miiiiia! Here you have the cover of MOTOMAMI and this Friday guess what new song is coming!

What cover, right? All naked with just a motorcycle helmet on – Rosalía is on her feet and ready to add more gas to her fire. A Twitter user noted the cover was inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s Le de Vénus, and you can definitely see the parallels. As we know, the “Linda” The singer isn’t one to shy away from experimental choices and opportunities that sometimes leave us questioning her actions. And based on her latest tease song, we’re both intrigued and full of curiosity. What’s coming?

Earlier this month, she posted a quick video revealing her lyrics to “Hentai,” which instantly became a laughable target. People immediately thought it was a joke, while others had all kinds of comments and reactions.

A Twitter user sarcastically tweeted, “After listening to ‘Hentai’ by @rosalia”, paired with this gif of a woman moved to tears.

Some were confused. Some laughed at it. Others didn’t like it at all. But how do you judge the entire album by a 24-second Tiktok?

Prior to that, she released a snippet of another alleged single “Candy,” which was Tiktok’s soundtrack for its 2021 recap video in December. And we also had the official head single inspired by the bachata “LA FAMA”, which was a collaboration with The Weeknd.

Do we expect more Hentai “poetry” from the singer-songwriter? Do we get more bachata or does she live with reggaeton or trap bangers again? Either way, we hope he showcases his musical and artistic abilities such as El Mal Querer do. Do you remember the impact this album had on us? We support you, Rosalía! Don’t let us down!

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