Rosalia, more crying than ever during her first concert in Argentina and Buenos Aires

Rosalia, more than ever in tears during her first show in Argentina and Buenos Aires

“It’s going to be about three year That I’m here for the first time, it was the first performance of the last tour, bad willthat we open here. And I remember that suddenly, for the first time in my life, outside the place where I am, they welcomed me like this.I remember so much, so much love that you gave me, that you sang :’It scares me when you’re a sister-in-law’…” He began to sing. rosalia And he broke down on the stage of the Movistar Arena during his first show in Buenos Aires, when his audience followed him with the poem “I Think About Your Look”, Including in memory of this spring night that of the opening trip of 2019,

It was after a terrific start, 100% motomamiThe first, with a barrier with accelerating exhaust pipes and an LED helmet as a preface to “Saoko”. Through With “Candy”, the fluffy meme of “Bizcochito” and the breathtaking bachata that is “La Femme”. Even with tears in their eyes, as the audience showered her with a warm and characteristic “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Rosie, Rosie,” she was accompanied by the epistolary anthem “Dollerme.” To go hang an electric guitar.,

Rosalia gave her first voice in Argentina during the Motomami World Tour (Photos: Franco Fafasuli)

It was the first of two appearances on Thursday night’s Motomami World Tour, with Rosalia arriving in Buenos Aires.

Rosalía took the stage with the distinctive led helmet of a Motomami Rosalía took the stage with the distinctive led helmet of a Motomami

In the show, there is a group of eight dancers in a contemporary atmosphere with Rosalia. In the show, there is a group of eight dancers in a contemporary atmosphere with Rosalia.

Later, and after having conversed for the fifteenth time with his men with the special dictionary “abcdef”, he turned to the Argentine public exclusively and essentially to women, When he tied a green scarf around his neck in favor of legal, safe and free abortion, which he celebrated with “La Combi Versace” and with which he crowned his dress blue potential hostess street fighter among thieves,

Rosalia has been causing a growing frenzy since her appearance on the scene, recrystallized in portaa stop Motomami World Tour With the pointed attitude of the most fanatical Catalan publicSo much so that sometimes the music and the voice big beast pop there was something left blurry And below the cry and the choir.

But that didn’t matter to the star; On the contrary, it bothered herWhen some people asked for silence in the first verses of the lewd ballad “Hentai”, He ditched the solemnity of the piano and above some sort of country wallpaper and sabotaged the script to allow for popular song.This was one of only two times Rosalia handled the instruments, this time while climbing a field)

(credit: Franco Fafasuli) (credit: Franco Fafasuli)

(credit: Franco Fafasuli) (credit: Franco Fafasuli)

(credit: Franco Fafasuli) (credit: Franco Fafasuli)

(credit: Franco Fafasuli) (credit: Franco Fafasuli)

(Photos: Franco Fafsuli) (Photos: Franco Fafsuli)

All the while, Rosalia craved eight dancers bent over their bodies. Contemporary – to which he gave importance so that the boys throw kisses at the camera and, for example, take care of the verses of “Linda” – and a maximalist frame around their figure. in the absence of analog weapon, Concept and performance reinforced with images between dance theater and Brute forcewhich served as an ideal support Songs like the suffocating “Isolation” and the on-call “Dinero y Libertad” are still unreleased.

A long-haired boy with a camcorder stalked her like a fly almost every moment, standing between her and the audience in favor of a pan that serves to create the singer’s all-powerful image. printed on the stadium screen as a virtual ticket,camera and this fuck‘ a girl from the front audience thought aloud in suggestive gestures in a performance of ‘Delirium of Grandeur’. Motomi He knows everyone here is dying to capture the best moment with a mobile and play with it, giving away keepsake kisses and naughty looks.

Between its flamenco roots samples, its exposure to noise and its pop impurity, paradoxically block reggaetonero valley showthe intensity and the frenzy subsidedIt was introduced with a few verses of “I’m sorry” (factory), the golden poke of the previous wave then dug a hole with “Relacion”, “TKN” and “Yo x tí, tu por mí”. but contagious “Despecha” once again generated excitement, and the singer invited three Argentinian fans on stage. who, accompanied by a group of dancers, once again captivated the audience

(credit: Franco Fafasuli) (credit: Franco Fafasuli)

(credit: Franco Fafasuli) (credit: Franco Fafasuli)

(credit: Franco Fafasuli) (credit: Franco Fafasuli)

“They told us to come in and say we couldn’t touch it, we couldn’t come near it unless the dancer or Rosalia wanted to. They said, ‘Go ahead, dance and have fun. -you. And he alone said to us: ‘Come, come’. He sang for me, he had never done that to a fan! it was a nice feeling“, He told him Luna A TV show, one of the lucky three. She runs the local Catalan fan club (@rosalia.arg on Instagram) and lines up at 5am on Thursdays to watch the show as soon as possible.

,The atmosphere is incredible, the energy I have, the dancers, everything. Stage exploded. I couldn’t believe it! i will never forget it in my lifeadded Luana, who was able to prove that, in person, Rosalia is not an insensitive avatar, but that she is as real as she looks. Two final tests of faith: the depth of “Como un ji,” with more tears streaming down the singer’s face; and the tumultuous, erratic frenzy of “CUUUUuuuuuute”, as the climax of a rehearsal that he started skateboarding (“teriyaki chicken”), later broke his hips (“with height”) and Le last virtuous gesture of his mighty throat (“sakura”).

And it evaporated behind the scenes, without any grandeur. Submissive and reluctant to command, the last thing he heard was this: “stay cute little handkeep it cute / that the best artist here is god“So be it.

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