Right-hand crank Omar Navarro believes “flamboyant gay” in Disney’s Cruella “ruined his childhood”


Republican congressional candidate and convicted stalker Omar Navarro called ‘flamboyant gay’ in Disney’s Cruel “ruined his childhood”.

Navarro, who is running for the seat of California’s 43rd Congressional District against Maxine Waters, has publicly opposed LGBT + rights, to declare last year that “yyou can’t be for homosexual marriage and also being a Christian ”.

But on Sunday, May 30, the Republican hopeful in Congress took to Twitter to declare that Disney was “ruining its childhood” by daring to include an LGBT + character in its Cruel remake.

He wrote: “The new Disney Cruel starring Emma Stone just ruined my childhood with an openly flamboyant gay in the movie.

“Disney keeps pushing the LGBT agenda down our throats.”

This is not the first time Navarro has expressed concern that Disney is “pushing the LGBT agenda” down the throats of conservative Christians.

Last year, when Disney announced him as the protagonist on the Disney Channel The owl house is canonically bisexual, Navarro was also outraged.

He shared on Facebook: “Disney confirms its first bisexual main character.

“I don’t agree with this shit that’s been pushed down our throats.” What people do at home is business, but I shouldn’t have to be pressured into it publicly.

“Can Christians Stand Up? “

Navarro also complained often about Drag Queen Story Hours, claiming that artists who simply read stories to children “indoctrinate” them.

In a letter to all parents, published in 2019 by American journalist, he said, “Would you let… porn stars come into your child’s classroom in their show costumes and ‘teach’ (that is, brainwash) the kids about sex? No?

“So why would you allow crossdressers, transgenders, lesbians and / or gay men to have an impact on the impressionable minds of your children?”

“Adults can do whatever they want, but when it comes to children, it’s all about values. And values ​​must be taught.

Navarro, who pleaded guilty to harassing his ex-girlfriend and spent six months in jail in 2019, was defeated by longtime Democratic congressman Waters in 2016, 2018 and 2020, and is expected to run again against her in 2022.


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