RHOC: Why Noella thinks Heather is “vile”

RHOC star Noella Bergener has shocked fans by calling Heather Dubrow a “vile human being”. After several attempts at agreement, the two are at war.

At The Real Housewives of Orange CountyNoella Bergener was recently asked what she thinks of her colleague Heather Dubrow, and Noella replied that she thinks Heather is “vile.” Show veteran Heather hosted RHOCis Noella with open arms, but things got strained between them when Noella offered Heather’s daughter Max something inappropriate. Upon learning that Max had come out as bisexual, Noella very enthusiastically introduced herself to Max as a fellow bisexual. Later, Heather discovered that Noella had given Max a deck of cards with very adult language that was very inappropriate for a 17-year-old.


Heather invited the Housewives to Mexico to scout locations for her new home and was hesitant to invite Noella after the gift misstep. RHOC Star Gina Kirschenheiter felt bad about leaving Noella out, particularly because she was going through a divorce, and convinced Heather to invite her over. Noella discovered that she was a “pity invite” and confronted Heather about it over dinner. Heather explained that she felt uncomfortable inviting RHOCis Noella since she gave birth to her daughter “pornography.” Noella was horrified that Heather would characterize her like that and claimed she had no idea the cards were so controversial.

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On a recent Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen appearance, Andy asked Noella to say three nice things about Heather, to which she immediately replied, “No.” Andy pressed her again, but Noella said she thought Heather was a “vile human being”. She added, “It’s a very difficult thing for me to be nice to someone who I just see as not being what I wanted them to be.” Noella, who admitted to being a RHOC fan, expected a different relationship with Heather. However, the two housewives seem to clash over everything, and RHOC‘s Heather, who took a 5-year hiatus from the show, sweetly told Noella that maybe she wasn’t the friend she needed.

Heather and Noella on RHOC

Noella was hurt that Heather didn’t want to invite her to Mexico and she felt attacked when Heather accused her of giving away her daughter “pornography.” Heather, in turn, believed that Noella didn’t accept why she was upset and felt rejected. Noella accused Heather of having “pure fragility,” which Heather found very offensive. She shared that she has children of various sexual orientations and is supportive of them all. It was later revealed that Heather’s daughter Kat had come out as a lesbian. Heather and Noella were unable to see eye to eye and left Cabo San Lucas with their issues unresolved.

When Andy asked Noella if RHOCHeather’s extravagant dinner was over the top, Noella managed to defend her by saying that $36,000 was not an unreasonable amount to spend in Orange County. Maybe it’s time for the two housewives to find common ground and mend the fences. However, Heather probably won’t react kindly to the call. “vile,” and fans are waiting to see how The Real Housewives of Orange County the handfuls of stars are dispelled by newcomer Noella.

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