‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake Story Changes Bonkers Sound

If there’s one thing fans are rightfully complaining about RE4 This is how the series’ horror-focused segments gave way to more action-oriented settings, and the unintended camp gave way to the intentional camp. Fans Proved They Missed The Horror By Making The Most Traditionally Horrifying Resident Evil 2 remake one of Capcom’s best-selling games of all time.

That brings us to Exhibit B, a cool scoop that the good folks at Fanbyte got that Capcom actually tried to get Mikami to work on the remake, but he was too busy with another project. However, he didn’t quit Capcom without telling the real new development team how he would improve the game’s story.

Resident Evil 4 didn’t come out as a masterpiece out of nowhere. The development of the game was a nightmare that led to it being canceled three times before it became the game we know. And the thing about the canceled versions is that while they ultimately didn’t work as a whole, they still had a lot more horror-focused elements that Mikami didn’t want to leave behind. The trailer for one of the failed versions of the game, now known as the “Castle Version”, was impressive in 2002 and still holds up today.

So they just said fuck it, he decided to bring it all back. Yeah, the biggest bomb to come out of the scoop is that the next Resident Evil 4 won’t just be a remake of the game we all know and love, but apparently a combination of the best elements from all four different versions of the game. Normally, trepidation would grip fans with such a risky approach to something that would be otherwise an easy payday for the franchise, but the truth is, I just couldn’t be more excited about this absolute. Spider-Man No Way Home-type move.

Top image: Capcom

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