Reading “HELL’S DEPARTMENT OF SUFFERING AND HORROR” made me wish for more good Kos satire

Sometimes what we hear from the far-right crazed contingent seems either to be the rantings of an unmedicated delusional paranoid schizophrenic (those I’ve known in my career as a psychotherapist had an excuse and I felt empathy for them) or a cold, calculating opportunist selling a brand or soliciting votes.

Whether it’s people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kari Lake, Herschel Walker (who says she was diagnosed with and cured of multiple personality disorder), Alex Jones and others believe what they say and their words are manifestations of a thought disorder or calculated power. t be determined without a thorough psychological evaluation.

Could their ravings and fulminants be considered poor satire at best? You can’t laugh at what they say because they influence people who are fed up lie composition to find out how to vote.

Unlike pornography which United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said in his famous 1964 Order that he couldn’t use words to describe pornography but “I know it when I see it”.“Sometimes you don’t know if something is meant to be satirical or not when you first read it.

Here is a definition

Definition of satire

Satire (SAH-tie-urr) uses humor and exaggeration to criticize something or someone, usually a public figure, social norm, or government policy. The term can describe both the genre of satirical writing and the literary device of satire, which a writer may use in a particular scene or passage of a work that is not entirely satirical.

Most satires aim to make the reader laugh at the madness and nonsense of human nature, but they also have an undertone of seriousness by shedding light on important social issues or commenting on corruption, hypocrisy or incompetence. Fictional characters and events in satires are often allegorical, symbolizing real people or incidents as a means of critiquing behavior or policies. Learn more here.

We may find it difficult to find anything amusing about how our country is about to be ruled by a contingent or a cabal of more or less mentally stable fascists and fascists whose beliefs are so far removed from the reality that if they were a boat, they would have fallen off the edge of the flat land some of them might believe.

Sometimes, even though we take them seriously, for our own sanity, we just need to laugh at them. I wrote about this in “Mock MAGA can be good therapy for us, but what is it really good for?”

Chances are you missed this satire that made me burst out laughing. I would have missed it if a friend hadn’t sent me a link.

The satire begins:

Hell’s Department of Suffering and Horror, in conjunction with the Lake of Fire Institute and the Ceaseless Misery Foundation, is now accepting proposals for the next plague or nightmare to inflict on the United States, tentatively slated for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Here is an explanation of what the ”DSH’ is:

The Department of Suffering and Horror (DSH), founded over two millennia ago in a dark cave amid writhing serpents, has labored to bring some of the worst plagues to the pitiful affairs of mankind. DSH has worked with professionals as diverse as corrupt merchants, money changers, false prophets, rogue assassins, weapons inventors and rats to make horror not an event but a way of life. Although its activities have been global, its purpose of bringing terror and misery to the United States has been important in the 21st century.

Here is an exerpt :

Those who submit highly promising proposals may be asked for revisions if they lack focus. Two hundred years ago we received a nightmarish proposal called Florida State. We were intrigued by the premise – “to create an entire state that, from top to bottom, is a realm of disquiet and havoc”, but it was clear that crucial details were missing. So we worked with the author, connecting him with researchers, politicians, real estate developers, criminologists, religious leaders, storm gods and city planners to flesh out the proposal and rain down inexplicable chaos. on the Sunshine State.

Writing good satire, or what we sometimes call snark and often label /S lest readers think we’re serious, is very difficult. I often include a sarcastic sentence or two in my journals, but I don’t remember writing a totally satirical journal. Maybe I did and it was so forgettable I can’t remember. I’m not about to review the over 1700 logs I’ve posted to see. Writing satire that’s either so poorly done that most people don’t understand, let alone think it’s even slightly amusing, isn’t something I want to do.

Daily Kos is a semi-safe place to post satire since all you risk is commentators telling you they hope you have a day job. If you’re recklessly confident and have an idea, I’d say what have you got to lose but your dignity? I can do that sometimes…but the competition from writers much better than me (community member Kos Aldous J. Pennyfarthing and Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank for example) is something to be reckoned with.


Doing a web search for HalBrown (Hal Brown, my name doesn’t always work), satire, and Daily Kos, I found newspapers I’ve published that were attempts at good satire. Most bombed. They are in the comments below.



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