Pride Bocce with the Pritzkers

Hello from a London airport. It’s been really hard to keep the blog going this switchover week between Oxford and Cambridge. I’m going back to Vienna a day early, to get to work before going to France next week for research. You readers of my Substack, expect a rich article later tonight.

I sat next to Cardinal Gerhard Müller at a dinner last night in Oxford. He is the former head of doctrine at the Vatican, sent by Pope Francis. A German giant! If this mighty oak was king, many people would be sorted with a few swipes from the massive bear claws. However, I especially enjoyed meeting ordinary Christians and political conservatives, as well as writers and activists. We had lunch yesterday with Mary Harrington, Calvin Robinson, Father Daniel French, James Orr and Father Bernard Randall, a former school chaplain reported to UK counter-terrorism authorities for questioning LGBT ideology, in a gentle way . The school destroyed his ministry and his career. Here we were having lunch in James’ garden. From left to right, without me: Calvin Robinson, Bernard Randall, Daniel French, James Orr and Mary Harrington:

I had such a great sense of camaraderie and good humor, from these friends and from those I met in both places, especially the young people. I have met more than a few young Christian converts, undergraduates who have complained that now that they believe, they have trouble finding churches where priests and pastors seem to believe. They are eager to find solid ground. Pastors and laity of my generation and older need to be more courageous and outspoken. In one of my lectures, someone in the audience, a Christian, said that I am being too harsh here on this blog (compared to my books, lectures and Substack). But another young Christian later told me that the boldness here is what signaled to him and his friends that I am serious.

I see that evangelical expert Michael Gerson, former speechwriter for GW Bush and Washington Post columnist, today, against all clear biblical teaching, celebrates LGBT pride. Extract:

Among young religious, certain questions are becoming more and more insistent: Why should homosexuality be evaluated according to the law of the Old Testament which also advocates the stoning of children who disobey their parents? Isn’t it possible that the apostle Paul’s views on homosexuality reflect the standards of his time, rather than the views of Jesus, who never mentioned the subject? It’s no wonder that, according to a Pew Research Center poll, more than half of white evangelicals 50 and older oppose same-sex marriage, while more than half of those under 50 in the same group support homosexual marriage.

It is still possible for the gay rights movement to go too far in destructive ways – such as denying the right of religious schools and charities to shape their own institutional norms. But in the meantime, I’m in for Pride petanque.

It’s not Bernard Randall, that’s for sure. This is what it means to be tamed and assimilated by the ruling class. It is useful to learn this.

Meanwhile, I wonder if Michael Gerson would consider Chicago’s super-rich Pritzker family pushing LGBDT too far? Based on an astonishing investigative piece by Jennifer Bilek in Tablet magazine:

One of the most powerful yet most ignored drivers of our current wars over gender definitions is a concerted push by members of one of America’s wealthiest families to move Americans from a dimorphic definition of sex to the wide acceptance and spread of synthetic gender identities (SSI). Over the past decade, the Illinois Pritzkers, who helped put Barack Obama in the White House and include former US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, current Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker, seem to have used a family philanthropic apparatus to introduce an ideology and practice of disembodiment into our medical, legal, cultural and educational institutions.

I first wrote about the Pritzkers, whose fortune came from the Hyatt hotel chain, and their philanthropy to normalize what people call “transgenderism” in 2018. Since then, I have stopped writing. use the word ‘transgender’ as it has no clear boundaries, making it useless for communication, and instead opted for the term SSI, which more clearly defines what some of the Pritzkers and their allies are funding – ​even if it ignores the biological reality of “masculine” and “feminine” and “gay” and “straight.”

It’s very, very scary – Eyes wide closed Things. After:

With the introduction of SSI, the current incarnation of the LGBTQ+ network, unlike the previous movement that fought for equal rights for American gays and lesbians, which ended in 2020 with Bostock v. Clayton County, concluding that LGBTQ+ is a protected class for purposes of discrimination – works closely with the tech-medical complex, major banks, international law firms, giant pharmaceuticals and corporate power to solidify the idea that humans are not a sexually dimorphic species – which contradicts the reality and fundamental premises not only of “mainstream” religions, but of the gay and lesbian civil rights movements and much of the feminist movement , for which sexual dimorphism and the resulting gender differences are fundamental premises.

Through investments in the techno-medical complex, where highly medicalized new sexual identities are conjured up, Pritzkers and other elite donors attempt to normalize the idea that human reproductive sex exists on a spectrum. These investments go towards creating new SSIs using surgeries and drugs, and instituting rapid language reforms to support these new identities and incentivize institutions and individuals to normalize them. In 2018, for example, at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at the University of California, Los Angeles (where the Pritzkers are major donors and hold various titles), the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology announced several options for young people. women who think they can be men. to have their reproductive organs removed, a procedure called “gender-affirming care.”

This family, whose numbers include male-to-female transsexual Jennifer Pritzker, are throwing their money all over the bandwagon. Read this, especially the part on Martine Rothblatt. I insist on me:

Pritzker’s philanthropy is also active in Canada, where Jennifer helped fund the Bonham Center for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, an educational institution invested in deconstructing human sex. Professor at the Bonham Center and curator of its Sexual Representation Collection – “the largest collection of pornography archives in Canada” – Nicholas Matte, professor of transgender studies, categorically denies the existence of sexual dimorphism. Prtizker also established the first chair in transgender studies at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Current president Aaron Devor founded an annual conference called Moving Trans History Forward, whose keynote speaker in 2016 was renowned transhumanist Martine Rothblatt, who was mentored by transhumanist Ray Kurzweil of Google. Rothblatt gave a talk there about the value of creating an organization like WPATH to serve “tech transgender” in the culture of “tech transhumanists.” (Rothblatt’s ideology of disembodiment and technological religion seems to have almost as much influence on American culture as Sirius satellite radio, which Rothblatt co-founded.) seems to believe that “we make God by implementing ever more omniscient, ever-present, all-powerful and beneficent technology.”

It is literally satanic. Do you know that’s true? I interviewed a young Anglican ordinand in Oxford who worked in elite advertising in London. He said he didn’t know any other Christians in his office, but he didn’t know any atheists either. Everyone was into the New Age and the occult, he said — even Satanism, which they defined as realizing your full potential and your most authentic self.

Another quote:

While many Americans are still trying to figure out why women are erased from language and the law, and why children are taught they can choose their gender, the Pritzker cousins ​​and others may be on the hook. good way to design a new way of being human. But what could explain the sudden push by wealthy elites to deconstruct who and what we are and to manipulate the sexual characteristics of children in clinics around the world while claiming new rights for those who are deconstructed? Maybe it’s profit. Perhaps it’s the fun of seeing one’s own personal obsessions written out in a big way. It may be the human temptation to play God. Whatever the answer, it seems clear that SSI will be an integral part of America’s future.

Read everything. Really, do – this is very important.

Love is love, right? Look what we open the door to. Have fun playing bocce Pride while Western civilization burns. I will take a stand with the Bernard Randalls against the Pritzkers and the medical and media elite.

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