Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Confused New Female Gym Leader, Fan Artists Worked Too Quickly

Last week, Pokemon scarlet and violet got new information showing more games – including its new world and gym leaders. A gym boss mistook his gender, reminding us that hentai artists work too fast.

This particular leader was Grusha, the leader of Glaseado Gym. Fans initially reacted as they usually do when a Pokémon girl appears onscreen, screaming for artists (hentai or not) to get to work and create this sweet, sweet fan art.

However, some fans were strike with a strange realization when they found out that Grusha, who looks very feminine, is actually a boy. Fan artists were moving faster than the speed of light, offering both safe for work fanart and a lot of not sure for fanart work.

The problem here is that many fan artists have gone beyond producing art depicting Grusha as a woman – or at least anatomically, when the character is actually male.

I’m here to help you, I want to tell you that it’s okay to like the new pokemon Gym Leader. The general rule is that we are all confused as now, for some of you it was Astolfo from FATE franchises, for others it was Felix from Re;Zero. If you’re old school, it was Schrodinger from Kouta Hirano’s HellSing manga.

The general agreement between us brothers is that we all have at least one and no one is allowed to bat an eyelid. So if your “one” is Grusha’s Pokemon scarlet and violetmore power to you.

For the rest of us, Grusha is just another example of Pokemon stepping out of the room with their character designs and making sure their games live on forever thanks to the endless amounts of fanart their characters produce.

Grusha is just one of many new faces that will appear in Pokemon scarlet and violetand that little hiccup in your heterosexuality shouldn’t overshadow how interesting and unique some of these new characters are.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are set to release on November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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