Pedophilia is “no different from homosexuality”

Superhero movie star Simu Liu Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, has previously made comments on Reddit sympathizing with pedophiles and comparing them to homosexuals according to a series of screenshots.

The Reddit account that made the comments and which has been linked to Liu has been deleted, but social media users have shared images of the comment in question.

Users connected the NippedInTheBud account with Liu through multiple touchpoints. In addition to the pedophilia claims, the account posted Liu’s photo on another Subreddit to seek comment. In another, the account started an Ask Me Anything thread identifying its owner as Liu.

In 2015, he wrote that he had recently played a pedophile and that the experience had made him “much more sympathetic to anyone born with these urges.”

“From a biological standpoint, it’s no different being gay – a small mutation in the genome that determines our sexual preferences,” he continued. He admitted that “taking advantage of minors is wrong. Disgusting and despicable, even. But he said medical treatment for pedophilia goes the wrong way, much like conversion therapy for LGBTQ + people.

He did not say what kind of therapy he would recommend but, apparently speaking to someone who is attracted to children, he advised him to “use disposables” and avoid child pornography. “It may sound innocent but even watching it spreads [sic] the whole industry, which I’m sure is disgusting, ”he wrote.

It was also reported that Liu “harassed women and participated in racist subreddits”, according to Heroic Hollywood.

Canadian actor, television comedy star Kim’s convenience, gained notoriety with the recent release of Shang-Chi, a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also garnered a lot of attention this week by appearing at the Met Gala in an elegant white Fendi suit, and a photo of him looking at fellow contestant Eiza González, who wore a gorgeous red dress, has gone viral.

Reddit’s comments aren’t the only controversial topic regarding Liu and the film. The actor, of Chinese origin, once called China a ‘third world’ country where people were “starving”. And the 1970s comic that the film is based on featured racist stereotypes about Asians. The portrayal of Asian characters in the film is much more respectful, and it has become a hit in most Asian countries, but has yet to be cleared by Chinese regulatory bodies for airing there.

Avocado asked Marvel for comment regarding the pedophile remarks but has so far not received a response. Liu appeared to respond in a Twitter thread that included a 2019 tweet about staying positive and added a new one saying Twitter can be “a slanderous place”, also saying that if someone goes far enough back they will find one. “more immature”. version of me who gave in to anger and hatred.

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