Pauline Bart, 91, sociologist who mapped women’s challenges, dies

At this point, Dr Bart had been studying the subject for 10 years and had noted the role of pornography in the incidences of coercive sex. She also presented the research of Diana Russell, the feminist activist and sociologist who has studied violence against women and popularized the term “femicide”.

After Dr Bart testified, she read a poem by an anonymous author which was a grim tribute to Virginia Woolf – “who, as you will remember,” said Dr Bart, “fell into the river and drowned “.

“She was outspoken, insightful and very, very funny,” Professor MacKinnon said of Dr Bart. “She didn’t suffer from fools at all. She was never mean, but she could be singled out.

In 1992, Dr. Bart’s classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she had taught intermittently for 21 years, were reassigned when a student complained that she had referred to him in sexist and racist terms. She had previously fought and lost a pay equity offer with her male colleagues, and university officials said at the time that there had been other incidents that had led her to quitting. ‘difference. She retired in 1995.

“What I’m studying – violence against women – is something that people, including women, don’t like to talk about,” she told the Chicago Tribune, which reported on her clashes with the university. “It deals with the harm that men do to women, and it’s not symmetrical – there aren’t as many rapists of women as there are rapists of men. It brings men to where they live.

Pauline Bernice Lackow was born February 18, 1930 in Brooklyn. Her mother, Mildred (Prozan) Lackow, was a housewife; his father, Emil Lackow, made leather goods. In elementary school, as she wrote in an essay titled “How a Nice Jewish Girl Like Me Could,” mostly Jewish students were forced to sing Christmas carols. Pauline protests by refusing to sing the words she considers too religious.

She married Max Bart, a chemical engineer, in 1949. They divorced in 1960.

She received her undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees, all in sociology, from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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