Paradox NFT Marketplace launches $ PXBSC

NEW YORK, September 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Recently the Paradox NFT Coin was launched which is an immediate success. Paradox began work on marketplace development before releasing the PXBSC coin in hopes of being ready for the next phase of the project, the Paradox NFT Marketplace. To kick off the project, Paradox NFT will co-host a meeting alongside BAYC on September 6, 2021 (Remembrance Day weekend) in Denver, Colorado. At this eagerly awaited event, Paradox NFT will illustrate the purpose of PXBSC and present its exhibition of 3D projected art.

Who is behind Paradox NFT?

Paradox NFT was cryptocurrency guru Leo Bailey’s dream. Leo began development in the Paradox NFT marketplace before bringing in SEO and e-commerce guru Tank Shake, who specializes in non-traditional business marketing and server architecture.

With Leo’s already brilliant level of marketing techniques in the cryptocurrency industry, calling on Tank Shake was a no-brainer. From there, Leo and Tank both found a healthy sum for the NFT coin project’s liquidity to describe the seriousness of the project and its willingness to put it all on the line. Term of keeping the room healthy and away from carpet shootings and other malicious acts by people who wanted to make a quick buck and get by, the NFT coin was born. The Paradox NFT team, made up of many other notable professionals who will become increasingly involved in the near future, continuing to contribute to the success of the piece.

The non-fungible token market

The NFT market exploded onto the crypto scene last year with a massive increase in sales of NFT. Forbes and Yahoo report that July 2021 saw $ 1.2 billion in NFT sales; this was almost half of the $ 2.4 billion in annual sales reported through the end of July 2021. In addition, the current NFT industry leader reported $ 3 billion in sales in August, generating nearly of $ 75 million in fees. The NFT industry is booming, and Paradox NFT was there to witness the start.

Innovative partnerships

One of Paradox NFT’s core beliefs is that partnerships and collaboration between teams greatly benefit the crypto space and help it grow compared to everyone else working alone. For this reason, Paradox NFT has already established key partnerships with some super critical projects like Enigma, Gallant Token, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Dirty Finance, PadSwap and many more which will be announced shortly.

Enigma: Enigma Projects will build an organized collection of digital art and collectibles from world-class designers across the globe. Enigma will partner with Paradox NFT and host exclusive live events to showcase rare NFT collections and their creators.

Gallant token: Offering more than tokens, Gallant is a decentralized finance smart contract built on the Binance Smart Chain, a community of people around the world and a brand. Their main goal is the integration of blockchain technology and games on multiple platforms. The Paradox NFT Marketplace will host NFTs for gameplay and more using the Paradox NFT platform.

Bored Monkey Yacht Club: The BAYC is a collection of 10,000 extremely popular and unique NFT Bored Ape. Members of the Yacht Club are cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts. The Yacht Club has partnered with Paradox NFT and Enigma Galleries to showcase their NFTs around the world.

Dirty finances: Dirty Finance is an NFT cryptocurrency specializing in famous art styles such as Japanimation and Hentai. When Dirty Finance and Paradox NFT come together, they will propel the NFT scene to new heights.

PadSwap: PadSwap is a revolutionary decentralized exchange with functionality similar to the very popular exchange exchanges focused on transparency, security and reward for all users. PadSwap is reviewing all of the projects that participate in its LaunchPAD scams that have become so popular on the Binance Smart Chain. PadSwap’s security upgrades make it flash loan proof, giving investors increased confidence in their investments. PadSwap also offers decentralized perpetual liquidity protocol farms, which allow the creation of eternal, non-scalable liquidity pools. If you are looking for advanced liquidity solutions and perpetual liquid, contact us!

NFT Paradoxe parts

NFT Paradox coin: (PXBSC) is a deflationary cryptocurrency coin initially launched on the Binance Smart Chain on August 16, 2021. The launch of PXBSC to revolutionize the NFT world by providing an exchange supporting multiple forms of media will support all kinds of artists and talented individuals. Although deflationary, the PXBSC is a low tax token with only 2% on purchases, sales and transfers to facilitate its use as a currency in the Paradox NFT marketplace. Each respective network addition to the ecosystem will have its own designation for the Paradox NFT coin. Standardized tokenomics will be:

  • 1.0% to development, donations and charities
  • 0.5% to liquidity
  • 0.5% to engraving address (for deflationary purposes)

The Paradox NFT Marketplace runs on cloud servers that are almost entirely carbon-free, making the world a safer and healthier place. The marketplace was under development prior to the release of Paradox parts and will be available for beta testing in the coming weeks. The Marketplace will be an innovative multi-chain exchange that will provide a one-stop-shop for creators, artists and collectors to buy, sell and create NFTs in one centralized location while earning rewards and keeping fees to a minimum. The marketplace will also be launched with the Binance smart chain, reducing many of the currently high fees for the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, the Paradox NFT Marketplace hopes to help address the copyright and trademark infringement issues of many content creators with their world-renowned Think Tanks. In addition to providing easy access to types of NFTs that are not commonly available, the Paradox NFT Marketplace will be a global ecosystem that will not be limited to traditional works of art alone. The market would allow multiple forms of NFT projects and media which include:

  • Art market
  • Games
  • Fashion
  • Lending platform
  • Sports
  • Fantastic sports
  • Immovable
  • Infrastructure development
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Content subscriptions
  • Cross NFT Development
  • Paradox NFT for artists and businesses

In addition to the above services, the ParadoxNFT marketplace will provide “white label” opportunities to individuals and businesses. These personalized offers will allow users to set up virtual stores within the Paradox NFT ecosystem, allowing seamless integration with any previous content. The ParadoxNFT platform will allow personalized domain names: Artists and businesses will be able to choose custom branding and designs, which will help them stand out in the industry. These features are sure to differentiate Paradox NFT from your average NFT market.

As the NFT boom is only just beginning, ParadoxNFT’s innovative approaches, partnerships and timeline make them ideally suited to capitalize on the incredible growth of the NFT industry by creating an innovative accessible and welcoming platform for all.

Security and confidentiality

What is an NFT marketplace without a state-of-the-art security and privacy policy? Unlike other NFT marketplaces that currently use services such as Google Analytics, which shares and sells your data to their partners and highest bidders, Paradox NFT marketplace will use its own personalized analytics system. This system will only be visible to a small team of executive level people. All data accessed will then be appropriately disposed of by a licensed data disinfection professional. Additionally, paradox NFT will publish transparency reports that include basic overall website analyzes and all recent disposal certifications. Paradox NFT secure servers use state-of-the-art firewalls and secure connections to mask corporate IP addresses in all public records, making DDoS attacks and other attempted breaches of Paradox websites extremely difficult. Paradox NFT has a team dedicated to the security and privacy of the company’s users and customers, backed by some of the most talented minds in the world. While no online entity is 100% secure from malicious intent, Paradox NFT and its sister projects have the best security available in the world. Security and privacy should never be a concern of users.

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