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Based on the shocking true story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s (very) famous sex tape, Pam and Tommy immerses the audience in the midst of a story of passion and betrayal at the birth of the last lawless frontier…the Internet. Pamela Anderson is an up-and-coming bombshell actress. Tommy Lee is an established rockstar. Their love is burning, moving fast and fueled by sex, sex and more sex. When a disgruntled contractor retaliates against the couple by stealing a safe from their home, what he discovers will change the world as we know it. An intimate sex tape intended for the intimacy of a single couple suddenly becomes a cultural touchstone – seen by millions, discussed by all, and a company that the seediest characters want a piece of.

Pam and Tommy stars Lily James as Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee. They are joined by Seth Rogen, Nick Offerman, Taylor Schilling and Andrew Dice Clay with a extra special appearance of Jason Mantzoukas.

The heartbeat of Pam and Tommy is his raw and unwavering love story. Pam and Tommy’s love is messy and all-consuming, as tender as it is tantric. The series allows this relationship at the center to be absurd and hopelessly romantic and allows this kind of balance to extend to each of its characters. This story is a bizarre blow in the lives of those involved and a ripple in our common cultural experience and Pam and Tommy treats him like the all-human clusterfuck that he is.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan set a new performance bar as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. These characters are easy (and tempting) to ridicule, and James and Stan manage to find the perfect mix to lean into the ridiculous while embracing the reality and heartfelt emotion of that experience. The love story of Pam and Tommy rests on the tragic truth that Pamela and Tommy can’t lean on each other until the day after the sex tape comes out, while understanding that their relationship isn’t ready to survive something like that.

Beyond his dazzling sense of humor, Pam and Tommy provides a solid foundation for his larger discussion of morality and Pamela’s journey as a victim of this invasion. This narrative is all about space and place and a new digital world that was changing faster than our culture could comprehend. While watching Pam and Tommy the viewer is caught in the tension between the familiar and the foreign. Today’s public knows the internet and has spent decades rewriting the moral code. Celebrity sex tapes are nothing new. Nudity is jaded. Pornography is so common online that it makes up a majority of memes, sort of.

Pam and Tommy’s sex tape barely registers as a big deal, in our sexually saturated media landscape. However, seeing a person become a victim of their partner’s choices. Watch a woman experience the dismemberment of her character, while her male counterpart claps his hands. The violation of having your sexual self perceived, distributed and consumed without consent. They are timeless evils and strike at a deep emotional core. Pam and Tommy gives this story the honest analysis it deserves, through the sympathy of cultural hindsight.

Pam and Tommy is vulgar and vulnerable. The series is respectful of its subjects but does not treat them with kid gloves. He has teeth, heart, sex appeal and a hearty laugh. As far as I’m concerned, Pam and Tommy is the total package.

Pam and Tommy premieres with its first three episodes on February 2, 2022, with new episodes streaming weekly on Hulu.

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