Opinion: We’ve lived in the best of times now in the worst of times

The Sunday before my husband of 92 years died, the whole family came together to learn that his days on earth were numbered. As they surrounded his bed, each gave loving expressions of their love and how much he had meant to them throughout their lives. As the last one spoke, I asked him what he would like to tell them. Although he hadn’t spoken much in the previous days, he spoke very clearly and quoted John 3:16 verbatim and followed that passage with the entirety of Psalm 23. These passages testified to our children, grandchildren, children and great-grandchildren of the hope we have for this life and for eternity. His last words resound in each of our hearts. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1)

Looking back on our 71 years of marriage, it seems like we’ve had the best of times — and sadly, we’re now living through the worst of times we’ve seen in America. No nation has ever been more blessed than the United States. In America’s glory days, our citizens honored God and recognized with grateful hearts the abundant blessings he showered upon us. America enjoyed unprecedented wealth, freedom and influence. From a nation that was built by acknowledging the sovereignty of God, we now live in a nation that has rejected God and turned to many idols, including power, luxury, immorality – everything we do the ultimate – rather than God.

The nation is struggling against tyranny. OUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS ARE AT RISK. Christians and the American family are under siege. Every day the left, even our own government, continues to attack God’s purpose for marriage, His established plan for manhood and womanhood, the relentless pursuit of our unborn children, and the sanctity of life. IN THESE LAST DAYS, THERE IS AN URGENCY TO TURN TO THE LORD WHEN IT IS TIME. The standard for our way of life is found in the Holy Bible.

Today’s trends are dramatic and dangerous – and changing so rapidly. Certainly, there is cause for concern about the direction the future is taking. It is important to go to Bible prophecy and gain the perspective that is so desperately needed. When Israel, God’s chosen nation, turned to idols and refused to return to God, he sent them into slavery under the heathen nations.

Judi McLeod recently reported in the Canada Free Press that, working behind the scenes, efforts are underway to transform America into a Marxist socialist state imposing policies that turn unwitting masses into slaves and warning that conservatives have no only a small window to stop such an insidious movement. When the Communists took over Russia by violence in 1917, their doctrine declared that there is no God and included the elimination of the validity of religious marriage.

Some cultural trends that women thought were so good at first have now turned out to be disastrous. Feminist author Louise Perry said in her book The Case Against the Sexual Revolution that the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s was a disaster for women. To quote her, “today’s sexual culture is destructive, separating love and commitment from sex and promoting one-night stands, casual ‘meetings’ and ‘friends with benefits’ arrangements. .Worse still, it pushes them into promiscuity, bombards them with violent pornography and tells them to appreciate being humiliated and assaulted in bed…” She goes on to say, “The monogamous marriage model is the best solution yet. discovery to the problems posed by the education of children. Her advice to young women today is “get married and do your best to stay married”.

All segments of society have changed and not for the better. Of great concern is Critical Race Theory, whose activity and program push radical racist propaganda into school districts, government agency training manuals – and into military training materials. Parents, grandparents and concerned citizens are now boldly rising up to expose this radical agenda. CRT is an attack on our culture and is used to target and indoctrinate children for political purposes. Unfortunately, instead of seeking to unite Americans, education officials, as well as business and political leaders and the media have backed the power of “cancel culture” and are trying to silence anyone who challenge. (A few excerpts from “CRT: A Citizen’s Handbook by Judicial Watch, Inc.”)

The changes in America happened slowly at first – but now seem to be intensifying at a very rapid pace. America was founded on Judeo-Christian values ​​and faith. This biblical foundation has now been shaken. There has been a gap in the faith that defined the nation…a gap in spirituality, morality and ethics, culture and worldview. The rebellion against God’s eternal laws includes many laws passed by our own US Congress, the Supreme Court, and some state legislatures.

The only hope for America is to return to God. America now stands in defiance of its established ways and stands in danger of its judgment. “A nation that has been given a reprieve in an effort to roll back but rejects that chance will only have the prospect of judgment left.” (The Paradigm, Jonathan Cahn)

Today’s cultural narrative says that Christians are intolerant, exclusive and offensive. We have been called “bible thumpers” and “deplorables”. The state of culture seems increasingly dire and hopeless for and for believers. Our future seems to be sealed in the direction of immorality, ungodliness and persecution. Even when our culture belittles us, belittles us, and discords us, we must rest in the assurances and promises of God and keep our eyes fixed on Him. Now is the time to be bold and stand against the evil tidal wave sweeping across this land.

Note polling data from YouGov (January 14-20, 2022) which reveals the following information from the US Census Bureau which includes the number of demographic groups across the United States: Native Americans – 1%; Jewish – 2%; Black – 12%; Hispanic – 17%; Asian – 6%; White – 64%; Transgender – 0.6%; Gay or lesbian – 3%; Bisexual – 4%; Atheist – 3%; Chiffon – 1%; Christian – 70%. Household income over $500,000 – 1%. Look at these numbers! Are we not allowing minority groups to set the standards?

The Lord is our shepherd and God wants us to have what is best for us. He knows better than us what we need. As long as we trust him as a shepherd, he will lead us to safe places. He knows how to lead us away from places where we will stumble. Even when we have fallen, he can still save us.

Some may think that there is no power great enough to deliver us from the terrible circumstances in which we have fallen. God has enough power to control the entire universe and we know from His Word that God has provided a way for our sins to be paid for and delivered from the grip of sin.

WHAT A HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR CHRISTIANS! America received a dire warning on 9/11/01. God has given us a window of time to boldly proclaim him as the Sovereign Lord and to exalt, praise and thank him for pouring out such abundant blessings on this land. We are commanded to share the gospel message with people in this country and around the world. His truth is the ultimate truth – and will remain forever…even in the dark valleys. Now is the time for Christians to pray earnestly – and boldly proclaim “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Oh, how I miss Tom’s goodnight kiss and his last words to me, “Goodnight sweetheart. I love you.” But one day we will both enjoy the glories and splendours of heaven – for eternity.

Mrs. Thomas W. Sanford

Brandon, MS 39042

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