Not “A Pedophile,” Writes Former East High Professor Sentenced for Placing Hidden Cameras in Letter to Judge | criminality

As his conviction neared on Friday, a former East High School business professor convicted of attempting to create child pornography using hidden cameras in student hotel rooms wrote in a letter to a judge that his obsession with spying on people hadn’t started with his students. , but it ended there after he started with his family and friends, including his wife, parents and grandparents.

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In the eight-page handwritten letter, filed Tuesday in United States District Court along with his attorney’s sentencing memorandum, David Kruchten, 39, of Cottage Grove, wrote that he had started spying on his family ” to cope with stress and fill a craving for adrenaline “and to find out what they said about him when he was not around.

This led to the planting of hidden cameras to capture pets, family, friends, babysitters and even his parents and grandparents, before he started spying on his students, Kruchten wrote in a letter. to U.S. District Judge James Peterson, who will decide on Friday how to punish Kruchten. for attempting to capture nude images of his students on overnight trips to CAED business and marketing training events.

“I found excuses or justifications for telling myself – to see if the kids had alcohol in their rooms or if they were sneaking people in,” he wrote. “It also intensified with more cameras and more cheeky placement to increase the rush.”

He said capturing naked underage students was not the reason he targeted them, although he admitted to doing so.

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