NKY man pleads guilty to 300 counts of child pornography

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) – A northern Kentucky man pleaded guilty Thursday to more than 300 counts of child pornography in what prosecutors describe as one of the largest child pornography cases ever they met.

Karem Christensen, 40, was a board member of the Covington Human Rights Commission before police arrested him on child pornography charges in 2019.

“Ultimately, he’s one of the most prolific child pornographers we’ve had in Kenton County,” Kenton County District Attorney Rob Sanders said.

Authorities say someone reported Christensen when they saw him posting on Match.com saying he was attracted to young children. Court documents indicate he described himself as an “original bisexual nudist” and posted: “When I say I want kids, I really mean it.”

In early April 2021, prosecutors added more than 250 child pornography charges, in part because they discovered that Christensen not only shared and collected child pornography, but also shamelessly wrote stories about rape fantasies. children he shared with others.

Christensen was on bail when Sanders said the man had “replenished” his stockpile of child pornography and started writing new stories,

Sanders says Christensen also continued to post advertisements online that he would like to meet nudist boys and men as well as fathers with sons.

He was arrested in mid-April and held without bail.

“Mr. Christensen apparently thought he had a First Amendment right to be a pedophile,” Sanders said. “He just had a distorted sense of what’s legal in this country and, unfortunately for him, he has a very, very wrong. “

The pictures alone, Sanders said, were “disturbing.” Two 30-page stories featured child pornography in shameless language.

“He was the author of many novels or short stories where he was about rape and sodomizing very, very young children,” Sanders said. “It’s disgusting and alarming.”

The text of the stories is graphic and disturbing.

“He was actually inserting pictures into his writing as if they were illustrations in a book about child pornography,” Sanders said. “He’s someone who we think is going to hurt the kids sooner or later.”

Christensen’s sentencing is scheduled for September 15.

Sanders says his office recommends a maximum sentence of 70 years in prison.

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