“Nevermind” covers up baby suing Nirvana for “child pornography”

Spencer Elden, the man who as a baby posed for Nirvana’s iconic cover image no matter reportedly sued the group and Kurt Cobain’s estate, claiming he was exploited for the photo.

Court documents allege that the group “knowingly produced, possessed and advertised commercial child pornography depicting Spencer, and they knowingly received value in return for doing so.”

According to Elden, photographer Kirk Weddle took photos of his naked body “in poses that highlight and highlight Spencer’s exposed genitals.”

The lawsuit further alleges that Cobain “agreed to remove Spencer’s image by posting the album with a sticker strategically placed on Spencer’s genitals with the text:” If you’re offended by this you must be a pedophile closet. “never incorporated” in the album cover.

Interestingly, the costume quotes album covers for Scorpion’s virgin killer, blind faith Blind faith, and Van Halen Balance as other examples of “controversial campaigns used to promote music with sexually explicit material depicting a child or outright child pornography.”

“Neither Spencer nor his legal guardians have ever signed a release authorizing the use of images of Spencer or his portrait, and certainly no commercial child pornography depicting him,” the documents state.

Elden claims the image caused him “to suffer lifelong damage.”

Released September 24, 1991, no matter would become one of the most legendary albums in rock history. The LP propelled Nirvana to stardom and became the definitive version of the grunge revolution. Her cover, featuring Elden, four months naked in a swimming pool, lured by a dollar bill on a fishing line, ranks among the most iconic album covers of all time. According to a 2008 report from NPR, Elden’s father Rick was paid $ 200 for his child’s modeling work.

As an adult, Elden recreated the famous blanket on several occasions. Although he has “Nevermind” tattooed on his chest, Elden’s view of the iconic image has apparently changed in recent years. In 2016, he admitted GQ Australia that he was “pissed off” about the photo. “I’ve been through this all my life. But recently I was like, “What if I didn’t go along with having my fucking penis shown to everyone?” Elden explained at the time. “I didn’t really have a choice.

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