Netflix anime that you shouldn’t watch with your parents

Devilman Crybaby on Netflix, image courtesy of Netflix. The Netflix anime that you shouldn’t be watching with your parents.

You should definitely watch these Netflix anime, but not with your parents

It’s a story that all anime fans are familiar with. You’ve been watching cartoons for years, maybe even a decade or two, and your parents don’t quite get the allure. Maybe it’s a family movie night and you decide now is the time to show them that anime shows aren’t just kids cartoons or supersexualized Hentai content, that there are great stories out there. quality and that Netflix has a plethora of options. But, there are some Netflix anime that you shouldn’t watch with your parents.

Sometimes a two-sentence description is enough. Sometimes that is really not the case. And we’ve all done it. We read the descriptions for the Netflix series and thought, “Sounds like a great watch,” without bothering to do a Wikipedia check, which may be very necessary, to find out what we’re actually getting into.

And, with the anime, double checking is always a good idea. Because while the series still has some substance for a longtime anime fan who understands the genre often delves into, say, “interesting” territory, anime newbies, especially parents, won’t. not the same take-out.

While there are clearly risky titles, such as Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?, there are others that may seem like culinary entertainment, thrilling thrillers, or Zootopia with a twist. We assure you that they are not. To help our anime fan friends, here are five Netflix anime that you shouldn’t watch with your parents.

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