‘Motomami’ meaning (and why Rosalía chose it as the album title)

Rosalía is the artist behind Motomami – a “genre-bending” album featuring The Weeknd and co-written with Pharrell. What is a motomami and what does this word mean for Rosalía? Here’s what we learned from an interview with the “Hentai” singer.

Rosalía released the album ‘Motomami’ in 2022

Rosalía performs on stage at the MadCool festival presentation party | Mariano Regidor/Redferns

As an award-winning Spanish artist, Rosalía debuted Motomami, with the songs “La Fama”, “Chicken Teriyaki” and “Saoko”. But what does Motomami mean?

When split into two parts, this word roughly translates to “biker chick.” According to a Urban dictionary definition, “a motomami is a bald, tough girl who can also be very sensitive and have problems.”

“A way of life, motomami is the mood of power, the freedom to be,” reads another definition. Some users also note the meaning of this word in relation to Rosalía’s music and her recently released album of the same title. The word also has a personal meaning for this singer.

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What is a “motomami”? Rosalía weighs in on the meaning of her 2022 album

Rosalía shared that the word “motomami” also has a special and personal meaning. That’s part of the reason she chose slang as her album title.

“Motomami is the name of my company,” Rosalía said during an interview with Billboard. “When I was a teenager, I had a friend whose email account was ‘Motomami.’ I loved the name, and it stuck with me. I associate it with my friend and motorcycles. My mom always had motorcycles, I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was eight with my dad.

“And a Motomami, well, my mom is the OG Motomami,” she continued. “There are so many Motomamis around the world who have inspired me. My mother, my sister, my friend Hunter Schafer. Motomami is an energy. Anyone can be a Motomami, Motopapi. It’s the way you feel. And also, it’s doing everything you can with what you have.

Rosalía even included a song called “Motomami” on the 2022 release. Some of the lyrics in the verses state, “To every copy you see, you give your blessing and I don’t want to compete if there’s no comparison” when translated into English. This track has garnered over 15 million Spotify plays.

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Rosalía explained the meaning of the songs “Motomami” “Saoko” and “Hentai”

In Genius video, Rosalía explained part of the meaning of “Hentai”. Inspired by Disney ballads, this song has explicit lyrics and “cute” imagery contrasting with the song’s themes.

“I was thinking of a cute picture,” the songwriter said. “I thought of a bicycle as a bicycle. You might think it’s a motorcycle for Motomami, but it’s a bike. And so, I thought of this pretty image.

In a separate video, Rosalía explained the meaning of “Saoko”, the first song included in her 2022 release. Music by Rosalía, including Motomamiis available on most major streaming platforms.

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