Minx: everything you need to know about current feminist series

Naughty is a word applied to a cheeky and daring girl. The protagonist, far from being impetuous and daring, is Joyce (Ophelia Lovinbond), a young graduate of Vassar, an upscale university, who sets out to carry out the project of her dreams: a magazine with strong feminist content.

Everything takes place in the early 1970s, during the fervor of the so-called second wave of the feminist movement led by people like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan and Angela Davis. Far from the proverbial cooking and gardening recipes, your magazine wants to offer women the powerful political material of the time.

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It would be called nothing less than The matriarchy is waking up! As it is easy to guess, nobody is interested in your project; only a pornographic magazine editor makes him a cheeky and daring proposal: porn for women. She elevates it as one of women’s rights. Joyce’s first reaction is a clear rejection, she is disgusted by pornography. But the argument remains coherent and in this discussion, she debates one of the delicate dilemmas of the feminist movement.

“Minx” is available on HBO Max (Photo: HBO).

“Minx”, the feminist series that gives reason to pornography

Naughty it’s not offensive because shows porn from net commercial point of view and thanks to the general tone of the comedy, its brilliant and bold dialogues, it manages to tell a shameless good story. It is a political story, not a moral one. Right here the male nude it is nothing but the raw material of a budding enterprise. Of course: it is a marked, insistent and concentrated male nude.

Joyce takes time to find her voice on this project. Meanwhile, she talks too much and makes the typical juvenile mistake of believing that what is not forbidden is obligatory. The editor and main contact for Joyce, the owner of the publishing house, is Doug (Jake Johnson). It’s a good idea that the plot places Doug’s romantic interest in another woman in the company; Joyce is exclusively a business associate and the relationship between them completely lacking in erotic tension. That she is a feminist.

In “Minx”, pornography is considered one of the rights of women (Photo: HBO).

Another good detail concerns the wardrobe. Joyce always wears harsh male suits with blouses closed to the chin. Everything seems to promise a Hollywood-style revenge where she would appear at a party dressed in silk and transformed into a sultry goddess. Does not happen. That also she is a feminist.

Naughty is a creation of Ellen Rapoport; son 10 half-hour episodes and a second season is already announced. Can be seen on HBO Max.

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