Letter: Regarding Froma Harrop’s recent Herald column – Grand Forks Herald

National columnist Froma Harrop said in the Herald on Sunday: “The republic will outlive the drag queens.

It’s not a bad question, though. Is that okay?

For answers, one might look to the 1930s work of Oxford University anthropologist JD Unwin. He looked at 86 widely varying civilizations and found that when sexual hedonism invaded a nation, a type of “human entropy” led to a gradual descent into disorder and collapse in as little as three generations.

A better question, however, might be why a sector of the population is so desperate to trivialize and mainstream drag culture and why is there such an unsubtle attempt to bring children into this world of voyeurism? against nature ? It doesn’t seem any different from the almost savage reaction of some Floridians when a measure was on the table to delay sex education in that state until after third grade. Why, one might ask, should the third year (eight years) be considered too late – and too late for what? What about the introduction of sexual content at younger and younger ages that energizes a segment of the population so much? I would say it has its roots in the dark works of John Money and Claude Migeon, which you can read for yourself if you have the stomach for it.

For the concerned citizen, I would refer readers to the contemporary writings of feminist Geneviève Gluck at Reduxx, who carefully addressed the dark goals of the drag queen phenomenon and the publicly indisputable advance of transgenderism, which winds up through pornography, l integration of pedophilia, and the objectification of women in these performances by reducing them to a multitude of sexual stereotypes.

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